Aussie news crew attacked by transvestites at Rio's Copacabana Beach

An Australian news crew found themselves in serious trouble after a group of transvestites tried to rob them at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Nine News reporter Christine Ahern arrived in Rio last Thursday and was preparing to film a news story when she was approached by the group.

"While we were flying 10 Brazilians had been arrested for an attempted Olympic terror plot and I needed to shoot a piece to camera," Ahern told Wide World of Sports.

"We headed to the famous Copacabana Beach where we were staying. The Olympic Rings had just been unveiled there so it was the perfect spot."

Ahern said one of her security team members who is an ex-British special forces, warned her cameraman to put their camera in a bag for safety precautions.

"It turns out he knew what he was talking about. We walked by a group of transvestites, and one immediately went for my cameraman and tried to get the large bag with the camera in it."

Ahern said the quick actions by the security guard stopped her and her crew from getting seriously harmed by the attackers.

"Security quickly intervened, but he got hit on the head by a handbag which had something heavy, possibly a brick, inside."