America's Cup recap: 'It's a hell of a lot nicer... than coming second' - Glenn Ashby recalls devastating 2013 loss and today's fairytale comeback

Relive all the action and drama from today's coverage of the 35th America's Cup finals series between Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA from Bermuda's Great Sound.

Burling says to "have the job done" is an "incredible" feeling for the team. Source: 1 NEWS

After being the only remaining crew member, a grinning Ashby says he will remember this moment for the "absolute" rest of his life. Source: 1 NEWS

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Thanks for joining us this morning as we followed Team NZ's race to victory and the celebrations that followed. 

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Watch entire press conference where a victorious Peter Burling, Grant Dalton and Glenn Ashby speak to media following America's Cup triumph here.


Chief executive of Viaduct Harbour Holdings Angela Bull said there will be a public fireworks celebration at 6pm tonight down at Auckland's viaduct to celebrate Team New Zealand's America's Cup victory. 


Team NZ skipper Glenn Ashby, being the only remaining crew member reflected on the horrendous 2013 TNZ campaign and how they overcame their demons.

He said he'll remember today's win for the "absolute" rest of his life.


Jimmy Spithill awkwardly let slip that the America's Cup is more important than his own family in the press conference this morning.


Jimmy Spithill and his mates have proved themselves to be great sportsmen today, 1 NEWS reporter Abby Wilson even snapped a picture of them heading to have a few beers with the Kiwi victors.


If you missed it on Breakfast this morning, Luna Rossa has officially been announced to take on Team NZ as challenger of the record.

More details can be found here.


Watch some more intimate moments between Team NZ after their historic win this morning.

" It's been a long time coming, but it's not wihtout adversity along the way. Right now everyday feels like it was worth it.

"The guys sailed brilliantly today, perfectly composed. It's a victory for the country," said CEO Grant Dalton.


Look who turned up to the Emirates Team NZ base, looks like Oracle Team USA came for a beer.


It was 22 years ago in San Diego when New Zealand's voice of the America's Cup Peter Montgomery said his famous "The America's Cup is now New Zealand's Cup" line. And today, brushing off his famous line Montgomery's crowining words will likely stick with Kiwis for years to come.

"Since 1995 the pursuit of the most illustrious, elusive prize in sailing, it's been 22 years in the making, San Diego in 1995 and now Bermuda 2017.

"Once again the America's Cup is New Zealand's Cup."


Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is pretty stoked the Cup is making it's way back to NZ.

"Americas Cup coming back to NZ is a great platform for promotion of NZ marine technology, tourism, wine and fine food, overall Kiwi innovation," she wrote on Twitter.


Take a look at how Kiwis have been celebrating the win this morning, including adorable six-month-old Pippa leading New Zealand's celebrations as the America's Cup comes home. 


More speculation on the location of the America's Cup this morning, as Team NZ financial backer Sir Stephen Tindall told Mike Hosking Breakfast that it would be held in Auckland in 2021. But boss, Grant Dalton wouldn't say when or where the next event will take place, he has however hinted at a few rule changes.


Kiwis all around the world have been celebrating Team NZ's win this morning. Take a look at Prime Minister Bill English's animated celebration.


Peter Burling says he's "blown away" by Team NZ's achievements today, and talks of going from watching the America's Cup on TV as a young kid to winning the whole thing.

His parents are pretty blown away and told 1 NEWS they're "relieved, and so, so proud."


Peter Burling is just starting to let it all sink in. Here's what's he had to say a few moments ago. "It's going to be a big night."


Grant Dalton has just burned Russell Coutts in a press conference.

He's been the invisible man of this campaign. But a nice moment for him after so many failed campaigns.


More from Jimmy in this morning's press conference.

"Let's look at Emirates Team New Zealand, another Aussie skipper (Glenn Ashby) just won the America's Cup," said Spithill.

"Clearly they are a national team but you have got to look at that as well, Glenn as well is a key component to that team and he's not from New Zealand.

"I'm not saying that it lessens anything, of course not, they're a great team regardless of the guys.

"I mean some of their designers you know are from different countries as well.

"For me I think in sport you need to embrace that, you want the best guys but clearly I see there should be of course some nationality tie as well."


So team NZ are expected back next Wednesday. How big will the welcome home be. Well, check this out from 1995. Special memories.


Peter Burling at a press conference moments ago: "We're just blown away by what we've been able to achieve.

"It's still sinking in what we've actually achieved."

Burling added that as Kiwi. growing up in New Zealand, he'd seen us win it, and lose the Cup four years ago and he said to just win it again and bring it home was "something that will stay with me for the rest of my life".


Team NZ, for those wondering , will be home Wednesday next week, that's according to our 1 NEWS reporter Abby Wilson who is with the team in Bermuda.


The Oracle skipper looked beaten as he spoke of his regard for the New Zealand champions. Source: 1 NEWS

Meanwhile Jimmy Spithill has paid tribute to the Kiwis, in a generous press conference speech a short time ago.


Grant Dalton confirms next America's Cup will be in NZ, not in Doha, or Abu Dhabi or be auctioned off to the highest bidder - remember Bermuda paid US$77m to Oracle to host this Cup.


A famous old name from the past will be involved in the next America's Cup. Source: 1 NEWS

Here's the moment Ian  Ian Cook, the NZ Yacht Squadron vice commodore announced the first challenger to team NZ.


Here they are. This from the Team NZ twitter pages a few minutes ago.


Royal NZ Yacht Squadron vice commodore Ian Cook announces we have a challenger of record for the 36th America's Cup. It's Luna Rossa. Ian Cook told Hilary Barry live on Breakfast moments ago.


Amid the celebrations, Phil Goff spared a thought for the late, great Sir Peter Blake. Source: Breakfast

A nice touch from Phil Goff this morning, he's paid tribute to the late Peter Blake. 


Richard and Heather Burling were on shore in Bermuda waiting to congratulate their son on his win. Source: 1 NEWS

Peter Burling's parents are in Bermuda, what a 12 months it's been for them, Olympic gold in the 49er class with Blair Tuke in Rio, now this. Here was their reaction, after they clinched the Cup this morning.


As Coldplay rings out, Peter Burling and Glenn Ashby lift the Cup and the Kiwi fans roar in delight, and it's all on. What a great night it will be in Bermusa tonight. We'll bring you a video of that moment shortly.


Glenn Ashby says "it's been an incredible journey.

"The guys have fought tooth and nail.

"To win this bloody trophy...."

He thanks all the fans and supporters with a special mention for Stephen Tindall. 

He's described Bermuda as a fantastic  destination and paid tribute to Oracle. 

"To Jimmy and the boys ..and Larry and Russell, it's nice to cheer it around. Thank you!"


Peter Burling crew are on stage now, and they are presented with Louis Vuitton bags. It's a nice moment. 


A generous Jimmy Spithill pays tribute the Kiwis in his losers speech: "What an incredible team.

"They really did out-sail us in this America's Cup …well done."

He goes on to pay tribute Larry Ellison and apologies to Bermuda for not winning the event. As the Kiwi chant starts to ring out.


Here's more on the planned parade.


There will be fireworks on the Auckland Harbour Bridge at 6.30am to celebrate this win. Team NZ are about to get the Cup. Meanwhile a generous Larry Ellison has commiserated with his team. Despite concerning rumours, there was no crash protocol on Oracle in the final races and they've taken their defeat with good grace here. Hats off.


Fans at the Viaduct in Auckland had tears in their eyes as the boys sailed home for the win. Source: 1 NEWS

Scenes like this all over the country right, before 6am in the morning. 


We've got a parade people. This from the Auckland Council: "It's been 14 years since the America's Cup left New Zealand.

"Emirates Team New Zealand's efforts to reclaim the cup have done our country proud, and we congratulate the team on their monumental achievement.

"It's great to see another example of the world class technology and talent that organisations like ETNZ develop right here in Auckland winning out on the world stage, adding further weight to our region’s standing as an innovation hub of the Asia Pacific.

"ATEED, on behalf of Auckland Council, will work with Emirates Team New Zealand and other stakeholders to hold a parade in the central city to mark their achievements when they return to Auckland.

"Further details of the parade, including the date and route, will be confirmed in the next few days. We look forward to welcoming the team home soon, but for now we wish them well as they celebrate their huge achievement."


"Being able to pull off the almost unimaginable ...absolutely unbelievable", says skipper Glenn Ashby. He says it's a relief to right the wrongs of the last campaign.


Jimmy Spithill says "hats off" to Team NZ, they were deserved champions. "You've really got to give credit to them", they sailed really well, he says. That's a nice touch from Jimmy. He says NZ were definitely quicker downwind today.


A delighted Peter Burling pays tribute to Blair Tuke, Glen Ashby and the rest of the team. He says they're delighted and "it's going to be a big night". He says they're blown away by the support they've received. Incredible scenes of joy now aboard the Team NZ boat. As the champagne is popped.


Team NZ round mark six, they win!!! NZ wins the 35th America's Cup. Well done team.


Oracle have split again in search of a wind shift but Team NZ are sailing perfectly here. Team NZ look like they're going to do this. Closing in on the final mark, then a straight sprint for home.


The NZ cyclors have really made a huge difference this campaign and look for everyone to have them for the next edition of the Cup. Rounding gate five now, NZ round first, and they are well ahead. Closing in on the finish and time running out for USA.


NZ at a slightly slower speed right now but Burling and Ashby are covering Oracle, 150 metres ahead and staying in the same wind to cover, closing in on gate five. Still the one mistake zone, but no mistakes so far from Team NZ.


Heading to gate five, Oracle have split in search of big wind. But the gap is still 200 metres. No real gains.


NZ are around first and they've actually got a nice little lead here. No real wind shift for Oracle and the gap is 26 seconds, and that's significant.


Incredible calmness of the Kiwi boat. The wind still around nine knots, NZ leading by around 200 metres, Spithill trying to engineer something here but Oracle are being out-sailed again. But they have got a wind shift. It will be tight at gate four.


Oracle have lost big boat speed here after having to pull off a tough move around mark three and NZ extend their lead out to 10 seconds.


Plenty of communication on Oracle, NZ gybe first, Burling will have to come from behind here. NZ are trying to roll over Oracle here, and they've done it. After trailing at gate two, NZ now leading down leg three.


Great start from NZ, Spithill on the inside has right-of-way at mark one, both teams dragging, nothing in it. USA lead around the first mark.


The teams are in the pre-start.


Confirmation of the wind speed today, 6-12 knots, another perfect day. Burling, in his pre-race chat says he's ready to close it out.

Spithill is on the helm for Oracle again today.

Meanwhile 1 NEWS reporter Nicole Bremner says "Peter Burling's home town sailing club is packed and rallying behind their local boy and ETNZ this morning.

"Supporters draped in NZ flags and kids in pyjamas are arriving early for the first race.

"Club Commodore Nick Wrinch isn't surprised by Peter Burling's rise through the ranks of international sailing.

"He was identified early on as a cool, calm, composed sailor and there is a huge sense of pride here for his achievements."


Plenty of emotion on the dock in Bermuda before pre-start today.


Good morning everyone, wherever you are following our updates, great to have you with us. It should be a very memorable day. Team NZ have been out in the water this morning, preparing for a huge race nine at around 5.10am, in about 15 minutes. The wind is around 10 knots, similar conditions to yesterday.

Yes, one win required to lift the Cup, there are two races scheduled for today.


Matchpoint. Team New Zealand need just one more win to reclaim the America's Cup. What's more the win will come against the crew responsible for the heartbreak of a nation four years ago.

Peter Burling and his side have shown a dominance unseen against Oracle, storming out to a 6-1 lead against the America's Cup holders.