American Magic keen to see America's Cup stay in New Zealand

Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton and American Magic CEO Terry Hutchinson have already met to discuss plans for the next America's Cup.

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Team CEO Terry Hutchinson said American Magic’s base would remain in Auckland as they hope for an America’s Cup rematch in Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

As rumours swirl on where the next Cup will be held, Hutchinson told 1 NEWS his team wished to see the event remain on New Zealand shores.

"It feels like the New York Yacht Club's going to come back," Hutchinson said.

The American team's base is remaining up and running on the Auckland Viaduct, and is even set to be added on to.

Their two boats Defiant and Patriot are set to remain as well.

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“He’s a unique and incredibly talented sailor,” the skipper said of Burling after the Kiwi’s America’s Cup win. Source: Breakfast

"In a perfect world, we're back in 14 months, we get Patriot in the water and we're starting up our programme," Hutchinson said.

While he understood why Team New Zealand may be looking elsewhere for funding, he was adamant holding the next Cup in Auckland remained a no-brainer.

"With all sincerity, I don't think any other country would've pulled this off," he told 1 NEWS.

After nine months on Kiwi shores, Hutchinson bids farewell tomorrow, but it's clear he and the New York Yacht Club will be back soon.