1 NEWS Sport reporter Matt Hall-Smith turns terrified training aid for bobsleigh hopeful

1 NEWS Sports reporter Matt Hall-Smith has turned terrified training aid in a bid to help Kiwi Olympic bobsleigh hopeful Andy Barakauskas.

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Weightlifter Andy Barakauskas is hoping to the Olympics in his new sport. Source: 1 NEWS

While reporting on the former weightlifter, Hall-Smith jumped on the trolley Barakauskas uses as a training aid to replicate a bobsleigh in Christchurch.

Hall-Smith’s face as Barakauskas begins to push illustrates the power the 27-year-old can generate.

Barakauskas has recently been included in the two-man team looking make its way to the next winter Olympics.

The 27-year-old is already the current national record holder in the 109-kilogram class and a chance meeting at the gym with Olympic cyclist Eddie Dawkins, sparked the Canadian's interest in a sport which is huge in his homeland.

“A few months later he messaged me on Instagram and ask what's your 30m sprint time, pretty much just went from there,” he said.

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Andy Barakauskas is pushing his bulk behind the bobsled. Source: 1 NEWS

"So maybe it gives him an opportunity to reach that kind of level to a different sport but aid to his performance in the Olympic lifting too,” Dawkins said.

Barakauskas is hoping he’ll be able to continue chasing his weightlifting dreams simultaneously with bobsleigh.

“Either path is going to be pretty difficult, but I'd like to go Winter Olympics and Comm Games in the same year for bobsled and weightlifting,” he said.

It’s not the first time New Zealand has had a bobsled team at the Winter Olympics, but Barakauskas' unconventional path is similar to the Jamaican bobsledders, who made the sport famous in the 1993 movie Cool Runnings.