Watch Jenny May-Clarkson’s full interview with Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua and Katrina Rore

The success of Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua is due, in large part, to her ability to inspire her players to be their truest and best selves – something she does mainly by example.

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The trio discussed what makes Noeline so successful, the coach’s hilarious one-liners and more in the wide-ranging coach sit-down. Source: 1 NEWS

That’s according to star defender Katrina Rore, who sat down with her coach and Breakfast co-host Jenny-May Clarkson for a wide-ranging interview.

“I love that Noels is her own person, she is confident in herself and the way she is, the way she speaks and puts herself across to people,” Rore explained.

“I think if you have confidence in who you are and what you’re doing then everyone else is going to get amongst that.”

Taurua tried to play down the praise, though she was told to take the compliment by Clarkson.

“I find it really embarrassing, if I’m being honest, because I know it’s bigger and more, everyone has to do their job.”

“At the Netball World Cup that was what it was about it, we all did it, it was massive to be a part of.”

“Not like a drug, but very close to a drug, really good to be a part of great people.”

Rore also spoke about the positivity that surrounded the Silver Ferns camp during their successful World Cup campaign.

“Before worlds and we had our feedback and what not, you know I’ve got to improve on a whole lot of stuff to get in this team,” Rore said.

“As soon as we hit worlds it was only the good stuff, you know you were there, you were picked for a reason. You had those strengths, use those strengths to be who you are and make this team the way it is.”

“That gives you as an individual massive confidence.”

The trio also discussed Taurua’s use of mindfulness techniques, how Rore overcome a tumultuous 2018 and the Silver Ferns coach’s famous one-liners like “sharp as a dice”.