Watch: Bubbly-drinking Katrina Rore and 1 NEWS’ Jenny-May Clarkson ‘sisters now’ after Commonwealth Games tears

The last time 1 NEWS' Jenny-May Clarkson interviewed Katrina Rore on live TV, the Silver Ferns star started crying.

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Rore’s tear were one of the images of the disastrous Games campaign, but now she’s a world champion. Source: Breakfast

Clarkson had just asked Rore if her team had pride in the Silver Ferns dress, in a wake of another loss at their ill-fated Commonwealth Games campaign on the Gold Coast.

Given the chance to interview Rore again this this morning on TVNZ's Breakfast show, in the wake of the Ferns' outstanding World Cup final win over Australia, Clarkson addressed the elephant in the room.

'We've got to talk about the last time you and I went live on television," Clarkson said. "I got slated, which is, whatevs, I'm OK with that.

"I made you cry at the Commonwealth Games, I just want to know if we're all good?"

Rore responded: "We're all good, sisters now, eh."

Rore was enjoying a well-deserved glass of bubbly while speaking with Clarkson, but first checked if it would be OK to do so on TV.

"You're a world champion, you can do whatever you like," was Clarkson's reply.