Silver Ferns' youngster Maddy Gordon fizzing for debut despite no family at game

Should Maddy Gordon get named to play in any of the four Constellation Cup Tests in Christchurch this week, it'll be quite the odd Silver Ferns debut.

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Alert level changes means Maddy Gordon’s friends and family won’t be at the Constellation Cup, but that isn’t stopping her. Source: 1 NEWS

Most notably, for Gordon at least, due to the alert level changes New Zealand has gone through this week she will have no family, no friend, no fans, or even any crowd noise.

But that’s not stopping her from making her own hype for the series, coach Dame Noeline Taurua said.

“She’s a like a bull out of horns,” Taurua said.

Her new teammates are also feeding off her youthful energy too.

“She’s very good at being definite at what she calls,” defender Jane Watson said.

“But she’s also a work horse and will put her head down and go hard.”

Gordon said the energy she brings is just part of who she is.

“If I see people not as ready and into it, I snap them out of it and say, ‘Come on girls, it’s all good,’ and once you bring someone else up, it brings us all up and that’s important.”

Taurua won't announce her starting side for tomorrow night until just before the game – a move she revealed this morning to the stunned reaction of former Silver Fern Jenny-May Clarkson - but with four matches this week, odds are Gordon will make her debut.

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Dame Noeline has been busy preparing the Silver Ferns for their upcoming Australia series which has been affected by alert level changes. Source: Breakfast

The midcourter said if she’s given a shot, she’ll be ready.

“It’s been a dream for me to be playing in the Silver Ferns and for that to possibly happen, it's awesome.”