Silver Ferns overwhelm Barbados with enormous win at Netball World Cup

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of this Netball World Cup encounter between the Silver Ferns and Barbados, from Liverpool.

Maria Folau against Barbados Source: Getty

11:22pm: FULLTIME: NZ 78 Barbados 25

That's that then. The Silver Ferns outclass Barbados in some style. The shooting quartet of Mes, Ekenasio, Folau and Selby-Rickit too good inside the circle, backed up by Watson and co in defence.

We'll be back tomorrow night, with the Ferns taking on Singapore.

11:17pm: Q4 10 mins: NZ 74 Barbados 23

The Ferns do pass their 2015 goal haul, Selby-Rickit doing the honours.

11:12pm: Q4 5 mins: NZ 66 Barbados 22

Folau having some real fun inside the circle. NZ's last result over Barbados was 73-28, can they go better today?

11:07pm: Q4 1 min: NZ 61 Barbados 20

Back for the final quarter. Shannon Saunders on for Langman. Folau on at GS, Mes moves to WA.

11:02pm: End of Q3: NZ 61 Barbados 20

End of the third quarter. Not as prolific for the Ferns, but they still lead by 41.

10:58pm: Q3 12 mins: NZ 54 Barbados 19

The Ferns in complete control. They're dominating every single aspect of this game.

10:53pm: Q3 7 mins: NZ 50 Barbados 17

Selby-Rickit brings up the 50 for the Ferns. Barbados with just two goals so far in the third.

10:50pm: Q3 4 mins: NZ 45 Barbados 14

Selby-Rickit gets straight to work, opening the scoring in the third quarter, combining well with Mes so far.

10:47pm: Q3 1 min: NZ 42 Barbados 14

Back for the third quarter, how big can the Ferns go here? Langman back at centre, Te Paea Selby-Rickit replaces Folau at GA.

10:35pm: HALFTIME: NZ 42 Barbados 14

Too easy for the Ferns at the moment. Halftime the only respite for Barbados at the moment.

10:33pm: Q2 13 mins: NZ 40 Barbados 13

Mes really starting to fire now. New Zealand open up a 27-goal lead.

10:29pm: Q2 10 mins: NZ 32 Barbados 10

This is too easy for the Ferns at the moment. They've outscored Barbados 16-1 so far in the second quarter.

10:25pm: Q2 6 mins: NZ 24 Barbados 10

Crampton's replaced Langman at centre, and has made a real difference in the second quarter. Folau has an effort that hits the rim, Mes there to score from the rebound.

10:20pm: Q2 1 min: NZ 17 Barbados 9

Maria Folau replaces Ekenasio after the first quarter, the Ferns going for the jugular now.

10:16pm: End of Q1: NZ 16 Barbados 9

Thomas misses with her final attempt of the first quarter. NZ lead at the interval.

10:14pm: Q1 14 mins: NZ 15 Barbados 8

Jane Watson, Casey Kopua and Katrina Rore proving hard to beat at the back for the Ferns, Ekenasio and Mes keeping the score ticking over.

10:08pm: Q1 8 mins: NZ 10 Barbados 5

Langman and Ekenasio are doing brilliantly in the attacking third for the Ferns, Barbados starting to find a tad more rhythm about their play though.

10:04pm: Q1 4 mins: NZ 4 Barbados 1

Barbados get their first points through Thomas, but already the gulf in class is obvious.

10:02pm: Q1, 2 mins: NZ 1 Barbados 0

Bailey Mes misses her first shot at goal, giving Barbados a chance to open the scoring. Rore does well to win the ball, working the ball inside the circle. Ekenasio has a shot, but misses, before Mes gets the first goal with her third attempt.

10:00pm: Q1, 1 min: NZ 0 Barbados 0

We're away, as Laura Langman gets the game started.


Time for the national anthems before we get started.


Here's the starting side for Barbados:

GK: Shonette Azore-Bruce, GD: Rhe-Ann Niles-Mapp, WD: Tonisha Rock-Yaw, C: Rieah Holder, WA: Damisha Croney, GA: Sheniqua Thomas, GS: Shonica Warton.


Starting lineup confirmed for the Ferns, Noeline Taurua has made some changes:

GK: Jane Watson, GD: Kasey Kopua, WA: Shannon Saunders, C: Laura Langman (c), WD: Katrina Rore: GA: Ameliaranne Ekenasio, GS: Bailey Mes.


Having opened the tournament last night with a 64-45 win over Malawi, the Silver Ferns are back in action tonight, tackling the much lesser fancied Barbados.

Following last night's convincing win, all eyes will be on what side coach Noeline Taurua puts forward - will we see rotation or sticking with the tried and true.

The Ferns would look to build against Barbados, opposition they haven’t faced since the last World Cup in 2015.

The last time these two sides met saw the Silver Ferns take a huge 73-28 win over Barbados in Sydney.