'I just want to keep that door open' - Former Silver Ferns skipper Casey Kopua on possible return

Former Silver Ferns captain Casey Kopua isn't ruling out a possible return to the national team, but believes she still needs time to weigh up her options.

The 33-year-old spoke to 1 NEWS and said she is still retired from international netball.

"At the moment to be honest I am still retired, you know there is a difference in being available and being selected," said Kopua.

"There is more than just 'I am available' to be considered for and my family - that sort of thing."

Kopua says there is still a chance that she could come out of retirement.

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"I am keen I don't want any regrets in my netball career and I also want to have another chance or maybe not.

Casey Kopua
Casey Kopua Source: Photosport

"I just want to keep that door open."

She has played 101 Tests for New Zealand and believes the national team can return to the top of netball.

"I really do hope so (Silver Ferns improve) because I love the sport you know, I am passionate about it and I hate seeing it being slagged and you know not doing so well.

"Some of those players are my best friends, so that is quite hard to watch."

Kopua says she wants to help the national side in anyway, even if she doesn't play.

"I think for me just to have that opportunity to get back in there and see if we can make it get back up there, people still have an interest in it and love netball.

"So to try and get that back a little bit even if I am not playing, to try and get that back in some way would be I guess somewhat rewarding for myself."

New Zealand failed to win a Commonwealth Games medal for the first time earlier this year at the Gold Coast Games in Australia.

The 33-year-old is entertaining the idea of returning, but says she still needs to weigh up her options. Source: 1 NEWS

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