As it happened: Maria Folau misses a shot in the dying seconds as Silver Ferns go down by a goal to Australia

Relive the Silver Ferns' Netball World Cup clash with the Australia Diamonds, as it happened.

Ameliaranne Ekenasio. Source: Photosport

That brings the end to a thrilling Netball World Cup match in Liverpool where the Silver Ferns had a chance to snatch a draw in the dying seconds.

Silver Ferns 49 - 50 Diamonds

15 mins - Folau missed a shot in the dying seconds and Australia have won by a goal. What a heartbreaking finish.

14 mins - 25 secs and NZ need one to level it...

14 mins - One point ball game and NZ with the ball. Ekenasio scores and we're level!

13 mins - Watson wins the ball for NZ. A huge chance for the Ferns...

11 mins - Australia turn the ball over, NZ score and it's a two-goal margin. Need an intercept again...

9 mins - Two-goal margin and NZ need a turnover desperately...

9 mins - misses the shot but Langman tips a pass and Ekenasio makes amends.

5 mins - Kopua takes an intercept and Ekenasio sinks the shot. We're a goal apart with a NZ centre pass but one of the Ferns was offside. That'll prove costly.

3 mins - Ekenasio sinks a nice shot.

2 mins - Mes scores and NZ have the centre pass. Folau is off with Mes and Ekenasio in the shooting circle. Ekenasio scores and we've got a margin of two goals...

1 mins - Bassett can't reel a pass in, giving NZ a big chance.

14 mins - 30 secs left for NZ to score...and Ekenasio manages a goal. They'll need a big final quarter but that goal gives them a chance.

13 mins - The Ferns are pressing here but Bassett eases the pressure with a goal.

10 mins - Ekenasio and Mes sink shots, the margin is six now with the Australians having the centre pass, NZ win the ball back through. This is a big chance...

5 mins - The margin is now six goals early in the third.

Halftime - A long pass from Folau to Mes doesn't work and NZ can't score in the dying seconds of the half. The Aussies are ahead by six at the main break with the Ferns struggling to feed the ball into the shooting circle against the might of Australia's defence. We'll be back shortly.

12 mins - Ekenasio takes a nice rebound and then scores. Mes is coming on, Folau will go to GA.

11 mins - Kopua takes an intercept but NZ's struggles getting the ball forward continue as Bruce takes an intercept of her own.

9 mins - Ekenasio sinks a shot and then NZ win the ball back but they give it right back.

7 mins - NZ turn the ball over again with an off-balance Kopua firing a pass that Folau couldn't control.

6 mins - Folau sinks the goal and NZ take the centre pass. NZ are struggling to get the ball in the shooting circle.

5 mins - Bruce wins another ball for Australia and Bassett sinks the goal to secure a five-goal lead.

3 mins - A hold ball call goes against Folau. Opportunity missed.

2 mins - Folau sinks a shot and then Watson wins a turnover, big chance for the Ferns...and Folau takes advantage.

1 mins - The teams trade goals to start the second...

15 mins - NZ take to long with the final possession of the first quarter and they fail to score. Three the difference after a quarter.

13 mins - A turnover and an error from the Australians but NZ can't take advantage.

11 mins - Bruce tipped the ball and Wood capitalised, the Diamonds by three now...

9 mins - Bassett scored and then Folau missed a long shot. We're level again.

8 mins - Folau with a long shot to give the Ferns the biggest lead of the match.

7 mins - Folau makes no mistake and NZ take the lead. They also have the centre pass...

6 mins - We're level again and Wood has missed a shot, Ferns with a chance to get ahead...

5 mins - Both sides trade goals before NZ win the ball back. Ekenasio sunk her first goal.

4 mins - NZ get a call and Folau sinks the goal, the Ferns will have the centre pass and a chance to level the scores.

3 mins - Folau nails her second but Bassett responds in kind. NZ then are on the wrong side of the first turnover of the match.

2 mins - Folau hits back for NZ but Bassett responds. 

1 mins - Australia with the centre pass...Wood with the first goal.

9:27pm - The players are being announced now...

9:25pm - While for Australia, they'll line as follows...GS: Caitlin Bassett GA: Steph Wood WA: Kelsey Browne C: Liz Watson WD: Jamie-Lee Price GD: Jo Weston GK: Courtney Bruce

9:20pm - The starting line-ups are in, the Ferns' starting seven is GS: Maria Folau GA: Ameliaranne Ekenasio WA: Gina Crampton C: Laura Langman WD: Katrina Rore GD: Casey Kopua GK: Jane Watson

PREVIEW: After five wins from their opening five games, the big test for the Silver Ferns is finally here as they renew their rivalry with the Australia Diamonds.

By winning tonight’s match, the Ferns will book a semi-final against South Africa, who upset Jamaica, while the loser will face England.

"This is what it's all about, when you take the court and you’re playing against the big guns and the only way we're going to know how good we are or not,” Noeline Taurua said of the rivalry, which spans over six decades.

"I can safely say there's nothing that we haven't covered or if it is that we've missed it, it's just because we don't know, but I'm really excited."

Australia have the psychological edge over the Ferns, having won 4 of their last 5 encounters.

"Having watched both teams over the duration of the tournament, there's little separating them,” former Silver Fern and 1 NEWS Sport reporter Jenny-May Coffin said.

“As per in these big games, it'll come down to the team that can absorb the pressure.”