'I didn't even know' – Laura Langman stunned by historic 150th Test

Having become the first Silver Fern to play 150 Tests this morning, veteran midcourter Laura Langman admitted she had next to no idea she'd crossed such a significant milestone.

Langman, 32, became the first to notch 150 Tests in the black dress this morning, as the Silver Ferns fell to a narrow 53-50 defeat to Australia in London.

Speaking to 1 NEWS afterward though, Langman said that she was completely in the dark as to the significance of this morning's match.

"To be honest, I didn't even know," Langman said.

"The other day I did an interview. He said 'you're coming up to your 150th' and I was like 'oh jeepers!'

"If that's not a sign you've been around too long, I don't know what is."

Langman also said that she's relaxed about her future in the game, with no real aspirations on the immediate horizon.

"When I took a step back from netball, it really gave me perspective.

I no longer need to be the meticulously planned person, I've been a well oiled soldier for so long, I don't make big bad plans anymore, I kind of just go with it."

"I'm just taking it as it comes really."

The Silver Ferns captain is the first to reach the milestone. Source: 1 NEWS

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