Dame Noeline Taurua says 'authenticity' a driving force for herself, Silver Ferns

It turns out Dame Noeline Taurua's approach to coaching is one she takes into most facets of her life - including question time with the media.

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The Silver Ferns coach was asked why she doesn't give generic answers like other sports coaches and she responded with class. Source: Breakfast

After an intimate interview with fellow former Silver Fern and television presenter Jenny-May Clarkson on TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning, fellow host John Campbell took time praise Dame Noeline for her answers.

"When you talk to Dame Noeline, you get an insight into her as a coach," Campbell said.

"And sometimes when we listen to rugby coaches talk they sound like they've got their lines from a tea towel."

In contrast, Campbell was delighted by Dame Noeline's handling of questions and when she was asked why she's so honest with her responses, her explanation was coincidentally also honest.

"I htink authenticity is probably a thing that we [the Silver Ferns] discuss a lot as well as your own identity," Dame Noeline said.

"Being proud of who you are - the goods and the bads about that - but also being open and honest when you need help and support."

Dame Noeline said that mindset extends beyond the court.

"At the end of the day, we have a bigger purpose - it's great what happens on a scoreboard but we have a role to play whether in society of role models for younger rangatahi [younger generation] or just putting something out there that we're proud of.

"That hasn't changed and that's what sits within me."

Dame Noeline then summarised her answer perfectly.

"No crap, just get on with it."