Central Pulse clinch ANZ Premiership title against Northern Stars after fierce final

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of this afternoon's ANZ Premiership final between the Central Pulse and Northern Stars at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua.

Pulse's captain Katrina Rore takes a pass with Stars' Kayla Cullen challenging for the ball in their ANZ Premiership final in Porirua. Source: Photosport


The Pulse have done it! They have taken out the Premiership final 52-48 after an epic physical contest in the final quarter.

55 mins: PULSE 49 STARS 43

The final five minutes of the final, a feisty contest is brewing between Stars shooter Maia Wilson and Pulse defender Sulu Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick was momentarily after receiving some strong contact from her opposite.

50 mins: PULSE 45 STARS 39

Both teams are getting fired up, with several strong contacts early in the fourth quarter from both sides.

45 mins: PULSE 40 STARS 34

And we are back for the final quarter of the final as the Stars start with the centre pass!

Quarter 3 - 45 mins: PULSE 40 STARS 34

Pulse's Ameliaranne Ekenasio makes a pass during a Premiership match against the Northern Stars. Source: Photosport

A massive quarter for the Pulse as they push their lead out to six-points. The Stars levelled the scores early on in the quarter but failed to make their chances count. Discipline has been a major issue for the visitors, throwing away possession at crucial moments during the quarter. 

The Stars have been shooting at just 77 per cent while the Pulse have been shooting at 83 per cent after three quarters.

41 mins: PULSE 36 STARS 31

Pulse's Katrina Rore comes up with a sensational rebound after her jump put off her opposite Maia Wilson. The Stars have had plenty of chances here to get back into the match but have squandered it.

39 mins: PULSE 35 STARS 31

Stars Goal Attack Charlee Hodges is penalised for holding the ball too long and the momentum swings back in favour of the Pulse as they now rebuild their lead to four-points.

35 mins: PULSE 30 STARS 30

TURNOVER! Stars' Kayla Cullen makes a sensational turnover as she tips the ball out of her opposite's grasp. That turnover has proved pivotal as the Stars lock up the scores at 30-30.

30 mins: PULSE 27 STARS 25

And we are back underway as Pulse get things started with the centre pass! 


Aliyah Dunn has been on fire in the shooting circle, hitting 24/26 shots at goal for the Pulse while her teammate Ameliaranne Ekenasio has been struggling scoring just 3/7. Stars Goal Shoot Maia Wilson has landed 18/22 shots at goal after two quarters of netball action.

Quarter 2 - 30 mins: PULSE 27 STARS 25

The Stars really had to work for their final goal of the second quarter as their Goal Attack Charlee Hodges nails a crucial shot to keep the scores close going into halftime. 

24 mins: PULSE 20 STARS 17

Tiana Metuarau has been replaced by Ameliaranne Ekenasio who returns back to Goal Attack for the Pulse. 

21 mins: PULSE 18 STARS 14

MISS! Stars shooter Maia Wilson won't be happy with her attempt, after the ball ricochets off the rim of the hoop and the Pulse quickly fire the ball down the other end of the court.

19 mins: PULSE 16 STARS 12

Katrina Rore comes up with an excellent steal for the Pulse and her side extend their lead to four points. Tiana Metuarau has replaced Ameliaranne Ekenasio at Goal Attack for the Pulse after she only managed to convert juts 2/6 at goal

15 mins: PULSE 12 STARS 10

And we are back! Some poor shooting from both teams in the first quarter. With both sides shooting at 67 per cent each.

Quater 1 - 15 mins: PULSE 12 STARS 10

The Pulse attempt a lift in the shooting circle but that doesn't faze Stars shooter Maia Wilson as she sinks her long range shot. A great fightback from the Northern Stars who now trail by just two-points.

13 mins: PULSE 11 STARS 7

It is not looking good here for the visiting Stars as the home team start to build a comfortable lead. The Pulse now lead by four points.

8 mins: PULSE 7 STARS 4

Aliyah Dunn is on target with her shot at goal and the Pulse are out to a three-point lead.

5 mins: PULSE 5 STARS 4

The Pulse retake the lead after wobbly start, the Northern Stars have come to play!


And we are underway! The Pulse start with the centre pass and they score first.


The Central Pulse have been the form team in this year's competition, dropping just two games in the season and winning 13 fixtures.

Pulse have made their third consecutive final but are yet to win a national title.

The Stars are major underdogs in this match-up, suffering big blowout losses to the Pulse in their last two games.

This afternoon's match will be the last Premiership game for Stars veterans Leana de Bruin and Temepara Bailey.

Pulse: Aliyah Dunn, Ameliaranne Ekenasio, Whitney Souness, Claire Kersten, Karin Burger, Katrina Rore, Sulu Fitzpatrick, Tiana Metuarau, Maddy Gordon, Elle Temu.

Stars: Maia Wilson, Charlee Hodges, Mila Reuelu-Buchanan, Temepara Bailey, Kayla Cullen, Leana de Bruin, Storm Purvis, Holly Fowler, Kate Burley, Ellen Halpenny.