Casey Kopua's daughter steals limelight in post-final interview, licking sweat off World Cup-winning mum

Many think the taste of victory is sweet but ask Maia Kopua and she'll probably tell you it's salty.

The three-year-old was in Casey Kopua's arms moments after the Silver Ferns won the Netball World Cup for a post-match interview when she took a liking to her mum's shoulder.

While her mum tried to answer questions, Maia was content licking the sweat off her.

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The self-proclaimed "fossils" are happy to hang up the black dress on the ultimate high. Source: Breakfast

The interviewer noticed and asked Maia if she liked the taste but the youngster was too busy enjoying herself to answer.

The down-to-earth moment just minutes after the Silver Ferns' win had fans singing Kopua's praises as a world champion and a mum.

With the World Cup wrapped up, Kopua only needs to focus on one role now with the 34-year-old retiring from the game.

Kopua debuted for the Silver Ferns in 2005 and has gone on to be recognised as one of the greatest Silver Ferns defenders in history while amassing over 100 Test caps.