Casey Kopua jokingly groaning at prospect of taking on 218cm giant in NZ men's netball side

Silver Ferns veteran Casey Kopua is groaning at the prospect of going up against Junior Levi, the 2.18m giant goalshoot for the New Zealand men’s team.

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Kopua joked that she gives up lots of centimetres to New Zealand men’s goalshooter Junior Levi. Source: 1 NEWS

At 188cm, Kopua was all too aware of the 30cm she would give up against Levi.

"We’ve played men’s netball teams a lot whether it’s been in practice, training matches or just having them come along as extras to our sessions," she said.

"Junior was never at those so argh."

Height difference aside, Kopua said the Ferns were looking forward to the historic occasion.

"They‘re not going to back down at all, it’s something that in my mind we have to take it to them no matter what," Kopua said.

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The Silver Ferns veteran said the team is looking forward to the historic clash. Source: 1 NEWS

"Yeah they’re taller, they might be faster, stronger but what can we do within ourselves to find a way to get that ball through the hoop or to get the ball."

She was all too aware of the extra physicality the men’s side would bring and admitted to some nerves.

"We’re aware of it (the extra physicality), we’ve practised it, no matter what happens you’re used to it, you know how to deal with it."

"I get a little bit nervous when the physicality gets a bit dangerous but then you have to let that go otherwise you’ll never do anything."

The match would allow the Ferns to develop further ahead of the Netball World Cup campaign which beings in just over two weeks in Liverpool, Kopua said.

"It helps with finding a way of making it work, you know they are taller so obviously we don’t want to throw the ball up high and those sorts of things."

"Just making you think outside the box, but what is your toolbox you can bring on to the court, you’re not just a one-dimensional player."