Camera catches Aussie netball star getting blasted by coach during frank discussion - 'I can't give you a positive when you're not doing it'

An icy exchange between an Australian Diamonds player and her Super Netball coach has been caught on camera during a game with the World Cup silver medallist told she wasn't doing anything "positive" in the game.

During the Super Netball clash between the Collingwood Magpies and Giants Netball, the Magpies called a timeout in the second quarter to address their seven-goal deficit.

Cameras got in close to the team huddle as wing attack Kelsey Browne and her coach Rob Wright got stuck into each other. 

Wright asked Browne to "shorten up and change direction and get yourself in the play" before the Diamond interjected and asked for some "positive" feedback from her coach.

Wright fired back without hesitation.

"How about doing some?" he started off.

"Because, to me, at the moment you're not. I can't give you a positive when you're not doing it."

Things then escalated when Browne appeared to disregard the comments which led Wright to fire off a second spray, saying, "I don't need this attitude from you".

He then subbed Browne off and the pair continued their discussion on the bench.

After things finally settled down, Browne said in an in-game interview he could have handled the situation better. 

"If I had my time again, we would not have that on camera but unfortunately there's mics there so I probably could have done that better," Wright told Nine.

The Magpies eventually lost the game 63-56.