'Australians think they walk on water' – Dame Lois Muir speaks about Silver Ferns' victory, watching match from bed

Dame Lois Muir has given her verdict on the Silver Ferns' Netball World Cup win after they shocked the netball world and defeated tournament favourites Australia in Liverpool this morning.

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The legendary former New Zealand coach assesses the victory. Source: 1 NEWS

Having fallen to a 50-49 defeat in the tournament group stage, Noeline Taurua's Silver Ferns upset the form book, toppling the Diamonds 52-51 to win the World Cup for the first time since 2003.

Speaking to 1 NEWS this afternoon, the legendary New Zealand netball figure spoke about her experience watching the game - which she took in from the comfort of her own bed at home in Dunedin.

"I was in bed, because it was such a terrible hour of the day, and I've got a TV in my bedroom," Dame Lois, 84, said.

"I was at peace with myself, because I believed they had control of the game.

Dame Lois also spoke about her confidence in the Ferns' ability against the Australian side, who were unable to overcome the Kiwis' tactics after adjusting from their previous defeat. 

"It was interesting, because I don't think Australia have ever had to catch-up.

"Australians think they walk on water, but really, they were catching up all the time. New Zealand were sort of controlling that game, and that was a great feeling to have.

"I felt wherever they get, they're working for it, and I felt good about it.

"I did not feel agitated."

One of the most influential voices in netball in New Zealand for decades, Dame Lois spoke about her emotions after seeing Laura Langman lift the trophy.

"It makes my heart go," she continued.

"It's like I'm wearing that Silver Fern again. I'm passionate about the game - I always have been, having been around for a while of course."