Ameliaranne Ekenasio reflects on surprise Silver Ferns captaincy appointment

Ameliaranne Ekenasio has revealed how much the Silver Ferns captaincy means to her, saying the manner in which she was awarded the honour means almost as much as the actual position.

Ameliaranne Ekenasio. Source: Photosport

Ekenasio became the Silver Ferns’ new skipper after regular leader Laura Langman announced she was taking a break this year following the team’s success at last year’s World Cup.

In her absence, Ekenasio was given the role in January and she went on to lead New Zealand to a successful Nations Cup campaign.

Ekenasio told NZME the appointment was swift.

“I had a lot to learn quickly, and big shoes to step into,” she said.

“It was a really unexpected role for me. I just had to be myself, back myself. What's my style? I guess authentic, caring.”

The captaincy was given to the 29-year-old after a vote was cast by the team and management – an action Ekenasio said made her more comfortable accepting the role.

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The Ferns shooter will lead the side to this year's Nations Cup in England. Source: 1 NEWS

“If I had just been allocated the captaincy, I would have been a bit unsure about it,” she said.

“And more than just the players voted, there were some other (officials) included. Coming out on top meant the world to me.

“It meant so much that my teammates believed in me. How could I turn them down?”

Langman has yet to confirm what she will do after this season, meaning she could re-enter the Silver Ferns environment and potentially reclaim the captaincy.

If that were to happen, or another Silver Fern was given the role, Ekenasio said she would be fine with the change.

“If it ends up going to someone else at some point, then that's the right decision for the team.

“It's not a title I'm desperately wanting to hold on to, just to be the captain. Whoever is exactly the right person will be there.”

As for who Ekenasio voted for?

“It's a secret… Definitely not myself!”