Watch: 'It reminded me of other drivers that aren't here anymore' – Scott Dixon's mum horrified by son's 350km/h crash


Scott Dixon called it a "wild ride" but his family feared he wouldn't be coming home after the Kiwi driver walked away with just a minor ankle injury from a horror smash in motorsport's biggest race - The Indianapolis 500.

Both Dixon's mum and wife saw the race and feared the worst.

"That would be the worst accident he's ever been in," Dixon’s mum Glenys said.

"I have never witnessed an accident like that.

"It reminded me of other drivers, friends of Scott's, that are not here anymore and it just freaked me out."

The same range of emotions and experiences was felt by the four time IndyCar champion's wife, Emma Davies-Dixon.

"I really didn't think that he was coming home. It was like the worst thing I have ever seen."

It capped off a horror week for Dixon - six days ago he had a gun held to his head when he was robbed at a Taco Bell drive through – just hours after he had secured pole position for today’s race.

"It obviously wasn't our week," Davies-Dixon said.

"And I can just thank God he's ok."

Dixon's mum says despite the seriousness of the crash, she doesn't expect to be away from the track for too long.

"He'll just get over it and move on."

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