Watch: MotoGP star flies off bike in spectacular crash during practice session

Spanish MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo has pulled out of the inaugural Thailand Grand Prix after suffering a spectacular crash in the second practice session.

The three-time world champion somehow escaping with just a few bruises and a hurt wrist.

Lorenzo admitted he was considering sitting out the race.

"If you ask me now, I would say no," he said. "Because the last fracture, the last injury [from Aragon], is a little bit worse - it is not more broken, but is more painful.

"But apart from this, I have a big contusion on my left wrist and also the right ankle, big contusion... I cannot put the foot on the ground.

"So if you ask me now, I will say no, but I don't want to say something too quickly, so I will wait tonight to see how I feel tomorrow morning."

He said he felt "very lucky" not to suffer a more serious injury in the fall.

"[It] was scary, I was scared. I was scared about my foot, because it really hurts.

"I impacted [the ground] with the back and also with the feet, and I was rolling a lot.

"So, right foot was painful. Later, little-by-little, I understood that it didn't get worse than before, so I am lucky about that."