Watch: Kiwi Midget car goes flying, catapults dangerously close to top of Western Springs safety barriers in wild crash

Auckland driver Hayden Williams went from midget car driver to pilot in a matter of seconds during a race in the International Test at Western Springs yesterday after his car went completely airborne.

Williams was last in the race when he caught the tire of another car in the opening moments of the 30 Lap Midget Feature in yesterday's event.

As a result, his car was catapulted towards the safety barriers which it flew up and nearly vaulted before crashing back to earth.

The race had to be red-flagged as a result while repairs were made to the fence.

Williams said after walking away from the crash he was okay.

"The body's a little bit sore," he said.

"I'm not quite sure what happened."

Racing had to eventually be abandoned due to the track becoming too slick from the poor Boxing Day weather that blighted most of the country.

Hayden Williams went from driver to pilot in a matter of seconds at the Western Springs International Test. Source: Supplied