Waikato teen motocross star bouncing back from injury as she aims for US title

It's through woods in North Carolina where training jumps for teenage motocross rider Rachael Archer didn't quite go to plan.

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A training mishap caused Archer what she believes his her 10th concussion, but that’s not slowing down her training. Source: 1 NEWS

“I landed so hard on the side of my helmet that it split the mouth piece in half,” Archer said.

The accident resulted in what Archer estimates to be her 10th concussion.

“Well, I talk a bit slow but other than that I feel fine,” a laughing Archer said.

The Grand National Cross Country competition archer competes in has been canned for the last eight weeks, but that doesn't mean the work stops.

Aside from recovering from that head injury, Archer's used the break to turn up her training.

The teen from Ngaroma in the South Waikato has already stunned the GNCC this year, currently third overall.

Out-muscling American riders is one thing, but dealing with life in the States hasn't been easy.

“When I got here I was pretty shocked, well you know how bad it is but when you come here you see the whole thing for real,” she said.

Archer has found a safe haven though, boarding with her Yamaha team boss Randy Hawkins, an 18-time World Enduro Champion.

He's gone on to mentor many other up and comers, their title winning suits hanging on the wall.

“It's pretty cool when you wake up in the morning and you see all those past champions motivates me to get out of bed and go kick my ass,” she said.

“There’s a little space in the corner where mine could go, so yeah no that's the whole reason I’m here to win so I want it a lot.”

With just five rounds left, Archer could be next on the Hawkins wall of fame.