Video: Terrifying in-car footage shows Scott Dixon's view in massive 350km/h IndyCar crash




In-car footage of Scott Dixon's 350 km/h crash in this morning's Indianapolis 500 shows the Kiwi driver had no escape from the collision.

Dixon, who started the race in pole position, was starting his 53rd lap of the race when he and Jay Howard's cars collided, resulting in the Kiwi Indycar driver taking to the air before his car was torn to pieces when it hit the track's railing.

Howard had hit the track's barrier and uncontrollably bounced back towards the middle of the track where Dixon was racing, leaving the Kiwi with nowhere to go.

Dixon walked to a waiting ambulance while the race was placed under red flag and crews began to clean up debris scattered over hundreds of feet.

Howard also was checked at the infield car center and released.

"Just a little beaten up there. It was definitely a rough ride," Dixon said. "I'm just bummed for the team, man. We had a great shot. We had gotten a little loose but they had dialed it in."

It's been a rollercoaster trip to Indianapolis for Dixon, who turned in the fastest qualifying laps since 1996 to land on the pole.

But that same night, Dixon was waiting in a drive-through line at a nearby Taco Bell with three-time winner Dario Franchitti when he was held up at gunpoint.

Little did he know it wouldn't be his only frightening incident of the week.

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