Teen driver returns to track three months after surviving horror 270km/h F3 crash

German driver Sophia Floersch is back on the track just three months after her horrifying, high-speed crash that left her with broken bones in her neck and back.

Floersh is back to full fitness and behind the wheel for Formula 3 with her Van Amersfoort Racing team - a remarkable turnaround considering where she was just over 100 days ago.

In November last year, the 18-year-old clipped another car and hit a kerb at top speed which sent her car flying through the air at over 270km/h into fencing at the Macau Grand Prix.

"The flying stuff felt very different," she told The Times. "You don't think, 'Oh s***, I'm 270 [kmh] now'. You just wait for the wall to come.

"It feels like it was three years ago. It is strange... if I watch it now it does not feel like me crashing. I watch and think, 'This guy is not going to survive'."

Doctors said after the crash she had a bone splinter that was "millimetres" from causing serious injury to her spinal cord which would've likely paralysed her.

But she's determined not to let the crash define her career and had no doubts about returning to the track.

"I don't watch the crash now unless media people show it to me."

Floersh is now in pre-season testing at Monza with the 2019 Formula 3 competition not starting until May later this year in Spain.