'No place like home' – Kiwi motocross star refuelling in Dunedin before final push for maiden world title

With two rounds to go in the world motocross series, Dunedin rider Courtney Duncan is closer than ever before to securing her maiden world series crown.

The 22-year-old leads the circuit by 21 points with two events remaining but with a break in her schedule, she's enjoyed the chance to relax at home and reflect on what has been a near perfect season.

"No place like home," she said.

"Very happy with how the season's gone. If you had of asked me at the start of the year had I been four rounds into the season and had a 20 point lead, I would have been really stoked with that."

Despite being one of the top riders for the previous two seasons, Duncan's never held a lead like this going into the final two events of the season.

It means winning those final few races might not even be necessary – a thought she admits has crossed her mind.

"You do have that in the back of your mind - you don't have to go crazy to get those extra three points to take the win.

"I think I even showed that at the last round where I had two second [place finishes]. I didn't exactly need to [win] there."

That's not always been the case for Duncan who in previous seasons felt winning was the only option.

"If it takes a third place and I’m champion, at the end of the day, honestly, it doesn’t matter because my goal is to be world champion."

The mid-season three month break came at the perfect time for Duncan as she nurses fractures in her right foot.

"I'm not stressing about it, we've got a bit of time on our hands and I just have to make sure that I get healthy and fully heal before I start back."

Duncan returns to her European base in Brussels next week, before the final two events in September.

Courtney Duncan is enjoying her time in Dunedin before the final two rounds. Source: 1 NEWS

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