Meet New Zealand’s next motorsport star: Humble 16-year-old Liam Lawson

Sixteen-year-old race driver Liam Lawson is currently plying his trade in the German Formula Four championship.

The Kiwi from Pukekohe sits in second place overall, calling it an eye-opening experience - from the fantatical fans to the high level of competition.

Even on holiday, Lawson is keeping his foot down thanks to a simulator he likes to call 'homework'.

"I used to do a lot of sim stuff just for fun but now it's really become something that we use as preparation for a race."

When it comes to racing on the track, the teenager is making a name for himself in the German competition.

He's finished on the podium in eight of the 12 races so far, winning two of them.

He’s says it’s a sensation like no other.

"It's like Formula One. We go up on the podium and we have the national anthem played, our flag gets held above us so it's a proud moment."

The competition is a training ground for the best; F1 legend Michael Schumacher's nephew competes and two current F1 drivers came through Lawson's team, Van Amersfoort racing.

Lawson said the fan support is huge.

"I had a German lady come up to me and she called me over and got out this book like this folder and pulled out like 30 photos that she'd printed out from when I was in go karts and NZ and Australian racing - basically everything I've done!"

But the Kiwi driver's life is a constant juggle.

Competing not only requires talent but hundreds of thousands of dollars and while some drivers show up to races in private jets, Lawson relies on generous sponsors.

"There are many more Kiwi drivers just like me that need the opportunity that I've been given to do something like this so I've just really got to make the most of it."

Lawson is plying his trade in the German Formula 4 where he currently sits second overall. Source: 1 NEWS

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