Max Verstappen beats coronavirus-affected Lewis Hamilton in last F1 race of the year

Max Verstappen closed out the Formula 1 season with victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Dutchman led from start to finish and doubled down on Lewis Hamilton, who was still feeling the effects of Covid-19.

Hamilton said he was still fatigued from the virus which forced him out of the previous race in Bahrain.

But Hamilton managed to finish the year on the podium in third place behind Mercedes teammate Valterri Bottas.

"Covid is no joke. I never thought it was. I knew it would be tough because people out there are losing their lives," said Hamilton.

"I always find very strange to see world leaders laughing it off like it is nothing. To come back here this weekend I knew I wouldn't physically be where I was all season but I made it.

"I am destroyed. I do not feel good. I am happy and grateful I am alive and live to fight another day."

Verstappen took advantage of the circumstances to win just his second race of the season.

"We had a good start and from there, of course you look after the tyres but the car was having really good balance and it was really enjoyable out there today," said Verstappen.

"We did basically everything alright. I think once you start up front you can control the pace a bit more and it makes your life a bit easier."