Kiwi speed demon, 71, wanting to break 800km/h barrier with next Bonneville land speed record attempt

It's ironic that the process of setting a new land speed record can sometimes be painstakingly slow, but it's not enough to ever stop Kiwi speed demon Reg Cook from wanting to push the limits.

Reg Cook, commonly known as "the geriatric", was meant to be at the Bonneville Salt Flats for its annual Speed Week to break records but instead, wind and accidents left him stationary.

"In terms of frustration, it happened all day, every day before we left to the time we got home," he said.

"Sitting in the heat on the start line for probably seven hours - it's a bit hard on a 71-year-old!"

But weeks later he was back for the World of Speed event and after another day cancelled by wind, the pressure was on.

"We had 36 hours to break all these records," Cook said.

But the worry quickly turned to joy as both of his two litre vehicles raced away to new records.

Cookie broke two coupe records and reached a top speed of 320 km/h while gas streamliner Wairua also set a record of 420 km/h.

"If we'd sat down four years ago and said: 'Do you think you're going to own all the 9.2 litre world land speed records that exist?', I would have said no but we do so we're thinking what are we going to do next," Cook said.

And he's already come up with his next idea and putting plans in place to put it in action - a unique four-wheel-drive car with four wheels at the front.

"This is a unique design.

"Hopefully this is the car that we break 800km/h."

Cook hasn't got all the kinks figured out but he knows he's up for the challenge regardless.

"The harder it is, in some ways, the more you appreciate what you've done when you get home."

After claiming three new official 9.2 litre records in Bonneville, Reg Cook is already looking ahead to his next unbelievable challenge. Source: 1 NEWS

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