'I generally land on my feet' – axed Kiwi driver Brendon Hartley optimistic about future prospects

Kiwi driver Brendon Hartley isn't worried in the slightest about his future prospects in motorsport, having been axed by Italian Formula 1 side Toro Rosso.

Dumped by Toro Rosso after a season that saw him finish 19th of the 20 drivers in Formula 1, Hartley says he has a range of options on the table for the 2019 season, including with Porsche or even a possible foray into Formula E.

"I still have a relationship with Porsche which has been great," Hartley said. "That's continued on from my LMP (Le Mans Porsche) days, (I'm) very much part of the family there.

"I'm still looking at racing options. The phone has been ringing, and I've been calling too, just trying to figure out the right steps.

"Maybe trying to keep a foot in the door in Formula 1 still. 

"I'm not stressing, I've got a huge amount of experience and I still have a lot of respect from a lot of the motorsport community.

"I'm just things will turn out, I generally land on my feet."

Hartley is relaxed about his possible options for 2019, having lost his F1 seat. Source: 1 NEWS

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