F1 driver somehow avoids running over track marshals while racing in Monaco GP

A Formula 1 driver has shared the terrifying close call he had with track marshals during this morning's Monaco Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez took to social media to show how close he was to running over a pair of officials during the race this morning with the on-board camera showing he had to slow down and weave between the two in order to avoid a serious injury.

"Man what was wrong with those marshals?" Perez yelled over the radio. "I nearly killed him!"

Perez told media after the race the incident happened during a safety car period as he left the pits and he hoped to never experience something like that again.

"That was really bad. They were just running back and I was coming out of the pits. I had to brake and they were very lucky that I avoided them.

"They're normally very good. It's obviously safety, at the end of the day it's most important the safety for the marshals and drivers."

Perez finished the race 12th while Lewis Hamilton took the checkered flag.