Enraged driver throws debris at rival on the track at Karting World Championships

Former Formula 1 driver Jenson Button is leading calls for an Italian go-kart driver to be banned for life.

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Luca Corberi was left fuming after being bumped from the track. Source: Breakfast

Luca Corberi, 23, saw red during the Karting World Championships in Italy after he was shoved off the track by rival Paolo Ippolito.

That sparked a road rage incident from Corberi, who waited by the track to throw debris at his rival, putting other drivers at risk.

The collision between the pair was not shown on camera.

Button shared footage from the paddock, denouncing the young diver's actions.

“Luca Corberi has just destroyed any chance he had at a racing career after his disgusting behaviour today at the FIA Karting World champs,” Button said.

“His father owns the circuit and is seen power driving the guy into a wall. Life ban for both of these idiots please.”

The conflict didn't end there as the red mist continued to surround Corberi.

Later while in pit lane Corberi started an all out scuffle.

Both drivers were disqualified.