'Embrace new technology' - Hayden Paddon pioneering first electric rally car

Having lost his spot in the WRC, Kiwi driver Hayden Paddon has turned his attention to a new frontier, getting behind the wheel of a fully electric rally car.

Developing the Hyundai Kona EV car, Paddon is quickly back to work after his exit from the WRC, unwanted by his Hyundai side.

Instead, the Geraldine native is looking to compete in his electric car from early next year.

"This car here will be on the stages testing next year," Paddon said

"Full length rallies in 2021. This will be out on the stages next year, it's got a lot of power and a lot of torque.

"This car will go faster than what we're used to first and foremost and it'll be spectacular."

Paddon is also confident that the WRC is heading towards fully electric cars, eager to give himself a head start.

"I do get bored quite easily," Paddon continued.

"This is a whole new project, whole new vision, whole new way of thinking.

"I sort of like to be leading the way, not just on the track but what we are doing with our team.

"The future of rally sport is in alternative energy fuels, and we need to look towards the future, we need to embrace new technology."