Covid-19 not slowing down Kiwi driver Earl Bamber at all

Earl Bamber has been racing for plenty of titles this year but that may have led to one he wasn’t expecting — the most-travelled Kiwi sportsperson of 2020 despite a global pandemic.

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Bamber may well be NZ’s most travelled sportsperson in 2020, having been to Australia, Europe, Asia, the US and more this year. Source: 1 NEWS

Since March, the 30-year-old driver hasn't let Covid-19 slow him down at all, scooting between here, the US, Europe and more.

Even without the pandemic, Bamber's travel would be eye-watering.

He started in Australia for F1 back in March, then headed to Malaysia to launch his Porsche Asian Cup team, which was later scrapped as the pandemic hit, which left him returning home.

But in June he was back on the track with a trip to the US for a full, albeit delayed, 10-round endurance season.

During it, he raced from Florida to California and all parts in between while also picking up a landmark drive in NASCAR in August.

Then there were two trips to Europe, Germany in September, back to the US, then Beligum in October, before once again heading back to North America.

Finally, Bamber came home and straight into isolation just over two weeks ago. But he’s already off again, travelling to South Africa for a World GT Challenge.

“It was more weird coming to New Zealand without wearing a mask here than it was what we got used to all around the world,” Bamber told 1 NEWS before departing again.

Next year he'll run for three different teams in three countries with his brother, Will, while also retaining the goal of winning Bathurst.

Luckily, Bamber has proven this year he drives fast — so much so Covid-19 hasn't had a chance to catch him.