British F1 ace Lewis Hamilton's tax practices exposed by Paradise Papers

Mr Hamilton received a VAT refund of more than $6 million on his private jet thanks to a tax loophole. Source: 1 NEWS

Video: Confused dolphin swims up River Thames, delights onlookers in central London

A little dolphin has turned up in central London, of all places

The curious explorer was seen swimming in the River Thames and has been surprising people for five days.

It's thought it might have become lost while looking for food.

It's thought it may have become lost while looking for food. Source: Breakfast


Raw video: Children among injured as UK Guy Fawkes display goes horribly wrong sending crowd scrambling

A Guy Fawkes Night celebration has gone horribly wrong in the UK, with 14 people injured after fireworks were accidentally shot into the crowd.

Children were among those injured at the fireworks display which took place at the Antrobus Hotel in Wiltshire on Saturday night (local time).

Video of the incident was captured by one of the attendees and posted to Facebook.

The footage begins innocently enough with the crowd enjoying the display, before things take a turn for the worse, as some of the fireworks tip over and begin shooting directly into the crowd causing panic.

Screams can be heard as sparks fly and fireworks explode amongst the crowd.

Of the 14 injured, one was a 10-year-old boy called Brady who received burns to his face reports Australia's Nine News.

Ambulances were called to the scene to treat the injured, no one required hospital treatment.