Woeful Warriors completely outclassed by slick Rabbitohs

Relive all of the action from the Warriors' 30-10 defeat to the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland.

FULLTIME: Warriors 10 Rabbitohs 30

That's it. The Warriors are put out of their misery, completely outclassed by the Rabbitohs on their own turf.

79 mins: Warriors 10 Rabbitohs 30

Graham claims a try! Douehi puts a kick through on the Rabbitohs' last, Hiku lets the ball run as the winger comes in to claim the try. The referee signals a try, but checks with the bunker anyway. Douehi's kick just went into touch. The Warriors get lucky.

76 mins: Warriors 10 Rabbitohs 30

TRY!!! The Warriors grab a consolation try! From the play-the-ball, Green finds Hiku, who goes wide to Kata, who goes in to score for the Warriors. 

Issac Luke lines up the kick, but he pushes it away to the right.

75 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 30

Sam Burgess is sent to the bin now! Repeated ingringements will see the Rabbitohs finish this match with 12 men.

73 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 30

Reynolds goes for the bomb on the last and Maumalo takes it comfortably. Fusitu'a runs the ball forward, but Tuivasa-Sheck has to leave the field with what looks like a leg problem. Green goes high on the last, Jennings to snuff out the danger.

69 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 30

Tuivasa-Sheck wins a penalty and runs at the line, before getting the ball back inside to Paasi, who earns another penalty. Tevaga tries to step his way through but is tackled, Beale goes close but is tackled. Paasi goes again on the fourth, Green finds Blair on the last, who looks back inside for Tuivasa-Sheck, but the Rabbitohs complete the tackle to win the turnover.

65 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 30

Penalty! The Rabbitohs opt for the shot at goal from the Harris penalty, and Reynolds hammers the ball through the uprights.

63 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 28

Again Green kicks on the last, but Walker takes it easily as the Rabbitohs attack again. Cook breaks through the Warriors line before fining Walker back inside. They go wide to Sutton who kicks through for himself and dives on it to claim a try! The ref goes to the bunker - again. Tohu Harris looks like he's taken Sutton out without the ball, no try the call though. 

The Warriors still give away a penalty, as Harris is given 10 in the bin.

58 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 28

Green goes to the air on the last, looking for Fusitu'a, who pats the ball down for Beale. Beale kicks through as the Rabbitohs are caught out at the back, but Sam Burgess gets back to clear the danger, line dropout for the Warriors.

55 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 28

Tevaga goes close for the Warriors, before Tuivasa-Sheck has a charge from dummy half! The Rabbitohs are penalised on their own line, but Gavet loses the ball on the first set after the restart. Rabbitohs scrum.

52 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 28

Sam Burgess puts up a kick on the Rabbitohs' last and Maumalo claims it - but Kata is penalised for shepherding this time! Crichton runs on the Rabbitohs' third, and the Warriors are penalised again for not being back 10m! Tevaga guves away another penalty from the restart - the Warriors' discipline costing them big time here.

Reynolds and Walker combine to find Inglis before he's bought down. Tatola runs at the line for the Rabbitos, but Crichton loses the ball in a tackle! The Warriors get out of jail.

49 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 28

The Warriors looking to go forward now, getting over the halfway line from the kickoff. Green puts up the bomb on the last and Harris claims it! He's tackled as the ref brings the set to an end and the Rabbitohs counter.

45 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 28

TRY!!! Gagai slices right through Hiku and Beale as the Rabbitohs look for more points! Burgess finds Reynolds, who goes back inside and finds Sutton who waltzes over to score for the Rabbitohs! The referee again goes to the bunker, but there's nothing wrong with it. 

Reynolds lines up the kick, and he gets it.

41 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 22

We're back and ready to go after the break. Can the Warriors muster a comeback? Reynolds kicks off and the second half is underway!

HALFTIME: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 22

The Rabbitohs try to get one more set in, but the halftime siren goes to bring the first half to an end.

40 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 22

The Warriors work the ball towards the line as Tevaga gets an offload away to Satae who goes over! Or has he lost it?! The referee says knock on, Inglis and Crichton save a certain try there for the Rabbitohs.

38 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 22

Kata takes the first tackle from the back of the scrum, with Satae taking the second. Afoa nearly goes through on the third. Green finds Mannering on the fourth, Luke runs the fifth. Green kicks for Fusitu'a on the last, but Jennings takes it! Wait a sec, The Rabbitohs are penalised for shepherding. The Warriors will have another set.

36 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 22

Walker loses the ball and Tohu Harris pounces for the Warriors, Satae runs the ball for his first touch of the game. Mannering goes on the fourth, before Green goes to the heavens on the last, Jennings goes up for the Rabbitohs, but loses the ball forward in contest with Hiku. The Warriors will have a great chance to get something back here.

34 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 22

TRY!!! Beale gives away a penalty against Inglis and the Rabbitohs are on the attack again. Cook goes to Thomas Burgess 10m out and he goes over to score an identical try to his twin brother! What is going on?! 

Reynolds hammers home the conversion this time. The Rabbitohs in complete control now.

31 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 16

TRY!!! The Warriors give away another penalty and this time the Rabbitohs want to run the ball. Walker throws a dummy before finding Crichton, who gets the pass away to Inglis who goes over to score! The referee wants to go to the bunker, possible obstruction against Mannering. The bunker say it's good. The Warriors in real trouble now.

Reynolds has a terrible go at the conversion, but the Rabbitohs' lead now 10.

28 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 12

PENALTY! Damien Cook earns a penalty and the Rabbitohs opt for the shot at goal. Reynolds lines up the kick from relatively straight in front, and he gets it. Rabbitohs now lead by six.

26 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 10

Tom Burgess is placed on report for an attempted shoulder charge on Solomone Kata. Bunty Afoa comes on and bumps off Sam Burgess! The Warriors go wide as Luke finds Paasi. Luke switches on the fourth, before Hiku kicks on the last! Fusitu'a goes up but can't hold onto the ball! So close for the Warriors.

22 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 10

Green kicks on the last for the Warriors as Graham lets the ball bounce before the Rabbitohs try to start an attack. Douehi is smashed by Fusitu'a on the fourth as Cook runs on the last. Douehi kicks as he runs the ball and Maumalo fields at the back. He does well to get out of the in-goal before being takcled. Hiku runs the ball but the Rabbitohs give away a penalty.

19 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 10

TRY!!! The Rabbitohs score again! Some quick hands from the Rabbitohs has Jennings go over in the corner! The Warriors defence sliced to bits there.

Reynolds with his second kick of the night, this time from out on the left hand side, but he curves it wide. Rabbitohs now ahead by four.

16 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 6

TRY!!! The Rabbitohs looking dangerous as Jennings runs at the line but is brought down. Reynolds kicks on the last and it comes off Luke! Six more for the Bunnies as George Burgess runs at the line! He forces his way through and claims a try! The referee signals a try, but wants to check with the bunker. Nothing wrong with that, shocking defence from the Warriors as the try is given.

Reynolds with the kick, and it's good! All square at Mt Smart!

13 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 0

Tuivasa-Sheck claims the ball after Reynolds puts a kick up. He runs and gets through the first defence, before another penalty given away by the Rabbitohs! Mannering takes the first run and is tackled. Blair runs on the second but loses the ball in a loose carry, looks like he was stripped by Sam Burgess.

Rabbitohs scrum.

10 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 0

Wow, the Rabbitohs give away another penalty and Thomas Burgess is sent to the bin! Not sure if that was carried over for previous infringements, or if he's said something to the ref. Advantage Warriors.

9 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 0

Paasi runs from the kick off on the next set. The Rabbitohs defence holding for now as Green kicks on the last. Graham fields before getting the ball to Jennings. Reynolds, Inglis and Gagai combine as the Rabbitohs look to split the Warriors' defence. Reynolds runs on the last and gets the pass away to Gagai, they go wide to Jennings but Roger Tuivasa-Sheck makes a brilliant try saving tackle out on the left wing! Brilliant from the skipper.

5 mins: Warriors 6 Rabbitohs 0

TRY!!! The Warriors 15m out now as Blair nearly crashes through. Issac Luke runs from dummy half but the Rabbitohs give away another penalty! Gavet goes from the first set as Sam Burgess gets tangled up. Paaso runs on the second before Green finds Blair back inside on the third, Hiku goes down short of the line on the fourth and the Rabbitohs give away another penalty!

Paasi starts the new set, Green dummies but is tackled. Gavet runs on the second but is tackled, Tohu Harris takes the third but is tackled. Paasi runs on the fourth and he's over! The TMO wants to check upstairs with the bunker, but this should be fine. It's given, Agnatius Paasi has his first Warriors try!

Issac Luke with the kick from right in front of the posts, and he nails it. Warriors lead by six!

2 mins: Warriors 0 Rabbitohs 0

Sam Burgess has two strong runs in the opening set, as Reynolds puts the bomb up on the final tackle. Tuivasa-Sheck fields the kick and finds Fusitu'a who runs at the line. Hiku has the next run and earns a penalty! Thomas Burgess the culprit.

KICKOFF: Warriors 0 Rabbitohs 0

And we're away! The Warriors kick off and the Rabbitohs have the first set.


And now the Warriors are out! Roger Tuivasa-Sheck leads the side onto the field, he's expecting the birth of his child remember. Kick off not far away.


The Rabbitohs are first out of the tunnel, a good crowd in at Mt Smart, despite the threat of showers in Auckland tonight.


Good evening, in some late team news Karl Lawton has come onto the interchange bench for the Warriors, while Isaiah Papali'i drops out of the matchday squad altogether.


Welcoming back captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, the Warriors will be looking to chalk up another win, as the high flying Rabbitohs come to town.

For the Warriors, halfbacks Shaun Johnson and Mason Lino have both been ruled out of tonight's clash, meaning a reshuffle that sees Peta Hiku move into the halves, with Gerard Beale in at centre.

Meanwhile for the Rabbitohs, watch out for hooker Damien Cook, attempting to secure the number nine spot for the New South Wales State of Origin side in the coming weeks, while Greg Inglis returns to his preferred role at fullback.

These two sides have already met once this season, with the Warriors taking a 32-20 victory in Perth to get their 2018 season underway in style.


Warriors: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (c), 2. David Fusitu'a, 18. Gerard Beale, 4. Solomone Kata, 5. Ken Maumalo, 3. Peta Hiku, 6. Blake Green, 8. James Gavet, 9. Issac Luke, 10. Agnatius Paasi, 11. Simon Mannering, 12. Tohu Harris, 13. Adam Blair.

Interchange: 14. Jazz Tevaga, 15. Chris Satae, 16. Bunty Afoa, 20. Karl Lawton.

Rabbitohs: 1. Greg Inglis (c), 2. Campbell Graham, 3. Adam Doueihi, 4. Dane Gagai, 19. Robert Jennings, 6. Cody Walker, 7. Adam Reynolds, 8. Thomas Burgess, 9. Damien Cook, 10. George Burgess, 11. John Sutton, 12. Angus Crichton, 13. Sam Burgess.

Interchange: 5. Hymel Hunt, 14. Cameron Murray, 16. Jason Clark, 17. Tevita Tatola.

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