Watch: Kiwis' media manager shuts down questions about Canberra drugs scandal




Kiwis coach David Kidwell remained silent as questions about the drugs scandal that engulfed his side overshadowed the unveiling of forward Adam Blair going into this year's Rugby League World Cup.

Coach David Kidwell had no answers to questions about the events leading to Jesse Bromwich's sacking.
Source: 1 NEWS

As one reporter bought up the allegations made by Fairfax Media in Australia that former captain Jesse Bromwich was on pain medication and unable to go out drinking following the humiliating Anzac Day loss, to which Kidwell had no reply.

"I can't comment on that," Kidwell said, before gesturing to his side's media manager, who promptly steps in to stop any similar questions.

"I've already said what I said in the papers and will make no further comment," Kidwell concluded.

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