Watch: 'He was all in tears' - pop star Dinah Jane on singing Tongan national anthem to proud grandfather

Pop star Dinah Jane has opened up about singing the Tongan national anthem for the first time to her proud grandparents before arriving in New Zealand.

Jane, 20, will be performing the Tongan national anthem for the first time publicly tomorrow in Auckland as Tonga take on England at the Rugby League World Cup semi-final.

She told 1 NEWS that she performed the Tongan anthem for her grandfather before leaving America.

"I performed it for him for the very first time before I flew down," said Jane.

"He was just all in tears and just to make him proud means the absolute most to me."

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The pop star says she understands how much the anthem means to the Tongan fans and people.

"I know that this anthem means more than just an anthem it's you representing your people, your culture and it's definitely a prayer," said Jane.

She said she was overcome with emotion after seeing the reaction of her grandparents after singing the anthem.

"I wanted to cry it just brought so much light into my grandfather and grandmother's eyes.

"They grew up in Tonga and for them to see their granddaughter who is living in America, living her dream and singing their anthem makes them so proud.

"This is about you representing your family and culture."

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Jane is an American singer of Tongan, Samoan, Fijian and Danish descent.

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