Watch: 'When it happens, it happens!' Excited Dad-to-be Roger Tuivasa-Sheck poised to play on baby daughter's due date

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck's commitment to the Warriors will be on full display this weekend with the fullback set to take the field against the Rabbitohs despite Saturday also being the due date for the birth of his baby daughter.

Tuivasa-Sheck admitted to media today there was no plan in place for if his child comes along just before the 7:30pm kick-off or during the game at Mount Smart Stadium.

"I'm going into it with my head on playing and if it happens, it happens," he said.

The 24-year-old missed last weekend's 24-14 win over the Eels in Sydney in case his daughter arrived early but with the Warriors hosting South Sydney this week, the juggling act became easier to manage.

"Everything is going well," he said.

"It's a first for me and Ashley, everything is new to us and we don't really know what to expect. So we're hanging in there and waiting for the birth."

Tuivasa-Sheck admitted he's been asking for tips from teammates away from the training field but when it's time to practice, it's a different story.

"When you're on the field you have to give it your all and make sure you're performing well.

"When I'm off the field I'm always asking the boys and trying to get tips off them. So it's a discipline thing that I've kind of mastered OK, but once baby comes, who knows?

"I'm not nervous or anything, I'm excited for everything to happen. I watched Ashley and how she's going, it's a first for us and every moment is exciting."

Tuivasa-Sheck also emphasised this was his decision and not one the club was pushing on him.

"The coaching staff and the club haven't put any pressure on me," he said.

"They'll support me in what I choose to do. But in myself, I really want to play and be there for the team."

The Warriors skipper admitted he doesn't have a plan for if his partner goes into labour during the Bunnies game. Source: 1 NEWS