Watch: Damning footage shows former Panthers captain-turned-trainer conducting team during playoffs win over Warriors

The Panthers have come under fire for the way they are using their trainer after vision surfaced from their playoff win over the Warriors showing former captain Peter Wallace directing the team.

Wallace, who retired midway through this season with an ACL injury, was caught on camera spending a hefty amount of time on the ANZ Stadium turf on Saturday night.

While out there, he is seen multiple times yelling to players and directing them as the Panthers went on to win 27-12 and eliminate the Warriors.

Former player and Australian journalist Paul Kent is demanding the NRL take action.

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The 27-12 loss brings the Warriors' 2018 campaign to an end. Source: 1 NEWS

"It's a disgrace," Kent told NRL360.

"The NRL need to sit down and say, 'look, this isn’t under-8s where coaches are allowed to be on the field'.

"What we face a risk of now is that Peter Wallace played this season for Penrith and retired mid-season - he knows all the plays, he knows their structure, he knows what they are trying to achieve because he trained with this team as the dummy-half and one of the spine.

"If we allow this to continue it will be a disaster."

The way the rules around trainers work in the NRL currently is that they are allowed on the field until the fourth tackle and must be off the field when their team is defending.

Kent says it's ruining the game.

"What Wallace is doing and we see [former Broncos player-turned-trainer] Alfie Langer doing it as well, is that they are directing players around the park," Kent said.

"It’s like we are using a remote control. Give the game back to the players."

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