Warriors wing Ken Maumalo says he's lost 'a bit of trust' in refs after weekend's howler

Ken Maumalo is still replaying his disallowed try from Saturday's close win against the Knights in Newcastle.

"Greeney [Blake Green] came across, Fus [David Fusitu'a] came across and they asked, 'did you get it down?'" Maumalo recounted to 1 NEWS.

"I said to them, 'yeah, I got it down'. I was really confident I got it down."

Despite his confidence, the NRL Bunker officials saw things differently.

The Bunker identified a knock-on when the Warriors winger dove to score but Maumalo said he still had his fingers firmly on the ball.

Maumalo told 1 NEWS he thinks the officials looked at the wrong angle and their analysis of his finish is something he'll likely hold on to for some time.

"I think I lost a bit of trust in them so next time I'll probably say I didn't get it down."

The Warriors still managed to find their game-winning try though Sam Lisone, despite the setback.

Regardless of the results, NRL boss Todd Greenburg has spoken out about the officiating this season, which has been heavily scrutinised lately.

"There have been some errors our match officials have made - I can't sugarcoat it," Greenberg said yesterday.

"We don't want to see errors but in saying that we are dealing with human beings so errors will happen from time to time.

"But one error is too many."

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The Warriors winger says he knows he grounded the ball in the close win over the Knights, despite what the officials think. Source: 1 NEWS

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