Warriors throw away lead, crash to defeat against Titans

Relive 1 NEWS' live coverage of the Warriors against the Titans, from the Gold Coast.

Wayde Egan is tackled against the Titans Source: Photosport

9:54pm: FULLTIME - Warriors 12 Titans 16

One last play for the Warriors, scrum on their own line. The siren goes as the Warriors throw the ball around in hope more than expectation. Harris' effort is intercepted by Fotuaika. That's that.

The Warriors have thrown that away after leading from the second minute until the 76th.

9:49pm: 78 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 16

The Warriors desperate now as Egan kicks on the last on the Titans' line. Only Harris-Tavita there to contest it though. The Titans get there to defend.

9:47pm: 76 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 16

TRY!!! The Titans on the Warriors' line again. Fogarty kicks through the Warriors' line, Green knocks the ball back towards the dead ball line, but the bounce sits up perfectly for Fermor!

We'll check upstairs, but that looks good. And it is. That's Fermor's first try in the NRL, and it could have sealed the win.

The kick is good, and the Titans lead by four.

9:43pm: 73 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 10

The Titans threatening as Don bursts down the wing. He kicks the ball back infield, straight to Tuivasa-Sheck - but he drops it cold!

Uncharacteristic mistake from the skipper.

9:39pm: 69 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 10

The Titans have the momentum here, camped on the Warriors' line, but Joliffe loses the ball in the tackle!

Karl Lawton the hero for the Warriors there against his old side!

9:34pm: 64 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 10

The Warriors with their first real chance of the second half as Fusitu'a goes to the air, he clashes with Spry in the air but he's taken out!

The call goes against the Warriors again though? Fusitu'a stays down, has he hit his head on the ground? 

He's back on his feet, Titans' ball.

9:28pm: 61 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 10

Fogarty goes to the air, Maumalo claims over Hipgrave. Penalty calls against the Warriors though for obstructing the kick-chase.

Great chance for the Titans to take the lead now. Set restart called as Arrow takes the tackle. Boyd nearly puts Arrow through, but the Warriors' goal line defence holds.

Peachey tries to stab a grubber through, but Harris is there to save the day for the Warriors.

9:19pm: 53 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 10

Tohu Harris makes an error in the play-the-ball to give the Titans possession. Titans scrum and they attack the short side.

Six more called too. The Titans try and move to the right, before Hiku smashes Thompson to force the knock on. Great read from Hiku.

9:15pm: 49 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 10

TRY!!! The Titans strike first in the second! Taylor stabs a kick through on the last, where Peachey is the first to get there. 

He won't be able to ground the ball in time though, so flings it back in field. Sam Stone is there in support though, and dives on the loose ball to score.

Taylor to level scores with the kick, but he can't bring it back round! Shocking miss.

9:11pm: 47 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Harris-Tavita stays down with a shoulder injury. He's back up on his feet, but doesn't look too comfortable.

9:08pm: 45 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

The Titans start the second spell with real purpose. Fogarty kicks high on the lastfor Fusitu'a.

He finds Tuivasa-Sheck who takes the tackle. Tevaga runs on the fourth, before Egan drops the ball on the last, claiming obstruction.

He's called for trying to milk a penalty against Wallace though. Poor theatrics from Egan.

9:03pm: 41 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

We're back and ready for the second spell. Patrick Herbert kicks off to resume.

8:49pm: HALFTIME - Warriors 12 Titans 6

The Titans with one last chance to score before the break. But Boyd knocks the ball on with the tryline in sight. 

That'll be halftime.

8:47pm: 39 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Spry and Fermor combine for a chip and chase, but the Warriors tidy up at the back through Harris. 

The Warriors can counter, Fusitu'a runs up the middle, but makes a mistake in the play-the-ball. Titans scrum.

8:45pm: 37 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Set restart called instead of a penalty against the Titans. Lawton goes on a cross field run. Green nearly puts Murchie away. 

Murchie tries an offload, but Tuivasa-Sheck can't hang on. Uncharacteristic miss from the skipper.

8:42pm: 34 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Taylor kicks on the Titans' last, Maumalo takes it and goes for a run. Set restart called too.

Green runs on the fourth, before finding Harris-Tavita. He kicks along the ground, the ball hits the upright and the Titans get there first.

8:39pm: 32 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

What's happened here?! The Titans are back tracking, before a loose pass sees Fogarty in a foot race with Hetherington!

Hetherington gets there first and claims the try! We'll check with the bunker, but Hetherington is celebrating! That should be good!

The call goes against the Warriors though?! Ridiculous call there.

8:37pm: 31 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Six again called after the restart. Tuivasa-Sheck runs the ball on the Warriors' third to try and put Murchie over, tbut the Titans hold him up.

Tevaga runs after the restart, Egan has another go and is tackled. Tevaga has a dive for the tryline on the last but he can't get it down.

Titans ball.

8:35pm: 29 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Blair has a crack at the line after the restart, before Harris tries to dance through. The Titans defence holds. Hetherington and Murchie go on the fourth, before Green grubbers on the last.

The ball hits the upright, and Clark scrambles to get back and take the tackle in-goal. That'll be a dropout.

8:32pm: 26 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Six again called for the Warriors as they surge forward. Harris takes the fourth and Egan takes the line on with the last. The Titans read him like a book though to turn the ball over.

Hang on though, Don is called for a knock on trying to play the ball?! Warriors' scrum then.

8:31pm: 25 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

The Titans attack down their left now! Fermo goes over, but has he grounded it? Looks like he's held up on the fourth. 

Taylor kicks on the last from the restart, Maumalo is safe under the high ball.

8:28pm: 24 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

Adam Blair pops up to snatch an attempted offload from Arrow and the Warriors can attack again. They go down the left, before Green kicks on the last. Spry beats Fusitu'a in the air to keep the Warriors at bay.

Great recovery from Spry after his shocker first up.

8:26pm: 22 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 6

TRY!!! Taylor goes to the heavens on the Titans' last. Fusitu'a goes up for it but can't hang on. The ball looks like it's gone back, but the call is knock on?! Harsh call against Fusitu'a, but the Titans have a scrum.

The Titans go to the right off the back of the scrum, as Fogarty feeds Thompson. Thompson then finds Don, who spins out of one tackle, and holds off Lawton and Tuivasa-Sheck to score.

Peta Hiku's come flying in attempting to kick the ball as it's being grounded, this could be an eight-point try. Cleared of any foul though, 

Taylor converts from the right.

8:20pm: 17 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 0

The Titans have a penalty in the Warriors' half, and get their best chance for points so far. Taylor goes on a run before firing a wide pass out to Spry.

Fusitu'a is there though, before Herbert arrives to send him over the sideline. Great defence.

8:17pm: 14 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 0

Green tries to grubber through on the Warriors' last, and the Titans can counter. They manage to get down inside the Warriors half, but Clark is taken into touch.

The Titans want a captain's challenge though. Checking to see if Clark got the pass away before he was in touch. His foot was in touch though. 

Shocking start for the Titans, Warriors' scrum.

8:14pm: 12 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 0

The Warriors have completed their first six sets, the Titans yet to complete their first. Green goes to the air again on the Warriors' last, and Thompson takes again.

Joliffe breaks the line for the Titans, but throws a pass straight to Hiku. The Warriors return the favour though, Maumalo stripped in the tackle. 

But we'll have a scrum for an illegal strip, Warriors' feed.

8:11pm: 9 mins - Warriors 12 Titans 0

TRY!!! The Warriors work the ball to the 10m line and go wide. Harris and Harris-Tavita combine, before Hiku gets the ball to Maumalo in some space. The Titans have left too much space for Maumalo, and he scores in the corner!

What a start for the Warriors! 

Harris-Tavita with his second kick of the night, this one from the other touchline - and this one's just as good as the first! 

The Warriors lead by 12!

8:08pm: 7 mins - Warriors 6 Titans 0

The Warriors with another crack of the ball, Green goes to the air on the last again, and this time Thompson hangs on.

The Titans have their first set of the night. Fotuaika spills the ball though, the Warriors will have another scrum.

8:05pm: 5 mins - Warriors 6 Titans 0

TRY!!! The Warriors strike first! Tuivasa-Sheck gets the ball as first receiver from the back of the scrum, throws a dummy and beats three defenders to grab his first try of the season. That's his 50th career try too.

Harris-Tavita with kicking duties, this one from the right touchline, and he's nailed it.

8:03pm: 3 mins - Warriors 0 Titans 0

Adam Blair goes close to the line for the Warriors, and we've got a set restart too! Taunoa-Brown goes up the middle again. Tuivasa-Sheck's attempted offload is wayward, but the skipper claims it was touched by a Titan.

We've got a captain's challenge, and the decision is overturned, great call from the skipper. Warriors scrum.

8:01pm: 1 min - Warriors 0 Titans 0

Fusitu'a, Taunoa-Brown, Harris, Blair and Tuivasa-Sheck take the first five tackles, before Green kicks on the last and Spry drops it! The debutant's first touch in the NRL is a shocker!

Great chance for the Warriors already!

8:00pm: KICKOFF - Warriors 0 Titans 0

Ash Taylor kicks off, and we're all go on the Gold Coast!


And now Jai Arrow does the same for the Titans, kick off moments away!


RTS leads the Warriors out onto the park, limited fans in attendance of course, but plenty of canned cheers for the visitors.


Good evening! Perfect conditions on the Gold Coast. Interesting to note a passionate pre-game huddle speech from Blake Green.

He was man of the match last week, despite being told he has no future at the club, can he deliver again tonight?


After picking up their first win under interim coach Todd Payten against the Broncos last week, the Warriors have the chance for back-to-back wins for the first time in over a year.

The Kiwi side are 12th on the NRL ladder, with three wins so far in 2020, while the Titans are in 15th with just two victories on the board. Only the Bulldogs boast an inferior record.

To make things better for the Warriors, captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck returns from suspension, while Jazz Tevaga will come off the bench for his first appearance of the season.


Warriors: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (c), 2. David Fusitu'a, 3. Patrick Herbert, 4. Peta Hiku, 5. Ken Maumalo, 6. Chanel Harris-Tavita, 7. Blake Green, 8. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 9. Wayde Egan, 10. Adam Blair, 11. Jack Murchie, 12. Tohu Harris, 13. Karl Lawton.

Interchange: 14. Agnatius Paasi, 15. Jack Hetherington, 16. Isaiah Papali'i, 17. Jazz Tevaga.

Titans: 1. Corey Thompson, 2. Anthony Don, 3. Beau Fermor, 4. Bryce Cartwright, 5. Treymain Spry, 6. Ashley Taylor, 7. Jamal Fogarty, 8. Moeaki Fotuaika, 9. Erin Clark, 10. Jaimin Jolliffe, 11. Sam Stone, 12. Keegan Hipgrave, 13. Jai Arrow (c).

Interchange: 14. Tanah Boyd, 15. Sam Lisone, 16. Tyrone Peachey, 17. Jarrod Wallace.