Warriors resist Eels' second half fightback to pick up hard earned win in Sydney

Relive all of the action from the Warriors' 24-12 victory over the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium, Sydney.

FULLTIME: Warriors 24 Eels 14

That's it! Gerard Beale kicks the ball into the stands to bring the game to an end! The Warriors take a 10 point victory!

79 mins: Warriors 24 Eels 14

The Eels trying desperately to grab something here. The Jennings brothers combine but Tevaga's there to clean up. Moses runs the ball but gives away another penalty! The Warriors chant goes up again.

77 mins: Warriors 24 Eels 14

TRY!!! Maumalo wins the ball and the Warriors try to break forward from their own tryline! They work the ball forward and Issac Luke goes over to claim the try! The ref signals a try, but wants to check upstairs. Nothing wrong with that and surely that'll seal it for the Warriors.

Lino comes up with the Kick and the Warriors are ahead by 10 once more!

73 mins: Warriors 18 Eels 14

Smith then loses the ball right in front of his own goal line to blow the Eels chances! What a bit of play that's just been!!!

72 mins: Warriors 18 Eels 14

Green kicks for the Warriors, but it goes dead over the sideline in goal. The Eels will have a seven tackle set to restart. Into the final 10 minutes now. Issac Luke stays down and Will Smith throws the ball at him to win the penalty. 

69 mins: Warriors 18 Eels 14

TRY!!! Moses gives away a penalty and the Warriors will look to go forward now. Hiku runs on the third but is bought down on the 20m line. Harris puts Beale into a gap on the fourth to set up the fifth. Green kicks along the ground and it bounces clear of the Eels! Tevaga claims the loose ball and he's scored! The referee wants to check upstairs, but surely there's nothing wrong with that?! There's not, try awarded!

Lino with the kick from right in front again, and he's got it! Warriors lead by four again!

66 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 14

The Warriors have to get back into the game now, Lino puts the bomb up and Jennings takes it. For the Eels, Beau Scott has been ruled out for the rest of the match.

64 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 14

TRY!!! The Warriors camped on their tryline now. Norman tries another dummy but Harris and Mannering read it. Terepo finds Manu Ma'u who crashes through to score for the Eels! Paramatta level scores with the kick to come!

Moses nails the kick and the Eels are back in front!

61 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

The Eels kick deep and Hiku is caught out at the back! He tries to run, but George Jennings tackles him over the sideline to give the Eels a chance in a great position. 

Elsewhere, Marata Niukore comes on for his Eels debut against his old club.

60 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

The Warriors go wide again to Fusitu'a but the pass from Lino is called forward! The Eels try to counter quickly before the referee brings play back for the restart.

58 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

The Eels again attack the Warriors' line! They offload on the fourth to find Norman. He finds Moses who shifts it to Takairangi. The centre kicks but Kata reads it and claims the ball. The Eels then give away a penalty, and it's Takairangi who's done it!

55 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

The Warriors win a penalty as Mannering is taken out without the ball by Norman. Green finds touch and the Warriors restart on the 30m line through Harris. Paasi carries the ball over halfway, before Lino tries to slip through, Mannering is able to offload back to Green who lets Paasi have another go.

Lino kicks on the last and Fusitu'a wins it! He gets the ball back to Beale, who finds Hiku who gets tackled on the last.

51 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

Luke kicks on the Warriors' last and puts French and Jennings under real pressure at the back for the Eels. Parramatta complete their set with a kick down the sideline from Moses. The Warriors will have a scrum on their own 10m line.

50 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

The Eels with all the momentum right now! They work the ball before getting the last tackle to Norman. He kicks over the top but Fusitu'a claims it. The Warriors hold out this time.

48 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

Another penalty for the Eels and the Warriors could be in danger again. Gower drives up towards the posts, Ma'u tries to offload, but Mannering grabs it, before being stripped by Smith! The Eels have a fresh set right on the Warriors' line!

Norman tries another dummy, but Tohu Harris reads him like a book and tackles. Moses puts a kick through on the last, and Green has to run it out of play. Dropout for the Eels.

44 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 8

TRY!!! Moses has a run at the line as the Eels look to get back into the game. Norman throws a dummy, before finding Gutherson who scores! The Warriors claim obstruction however, Takairangi's taken out Beale and Lino, but the bunker say that they wouldn't have got there to save the try. Try awarded.

Moses with the kick, and he's got it! The Warriors' lead cut to just four points as Papali'i returns to the field.

43 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

Moses puts up the kick on the Eels' last, and Fusitu'a claims it without any issue. Beale makes a strong run on the second, and Maumalo does the same on the third. The Warriors' left-edge doing brilliantly tonight.

Green kicks on the last, and Jennings claims it.

41 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

The Warriors are the first team out after the break, the Eels closely behind though. Papali'i still in the bin. Mason Lino kicks off and the second half is underway! 

HALFTIME: Warriors 12 Eels 2

The Eels give a penalty away not and the Warriors have one last chance before halftime! Satae has his first run of the night, Lino goes for the drop goal but is charged down. French tries to ignite a counter attack but loses the ball to bring the first half to an end.

Warriors lead by 10 at the break.

39 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

Moses kicks through on the last for the Eels, but Lino is able to force the ball out once again. Dropout for the Eels.

Beale again comes up with a huge tackle, this time on Takairangi as the Eels attack again. Jennings has a run but he loses it again! Maumalo forcing the error this time.

The 'Warriors' chant goes up around ANZ Stadium. Warriors scrum.

36 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

Gutherson finds Jennings who goes close for the Eels. Parramatta look to go left, but Lino makes a certain try saving tackle! The kick comes on the last but Mannering cleans up in style! The 12-man Warriors get out of danger again!

35 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

Gower nearly goes through and Papali'i gives another penalty away and is sent to the bin! The Warriors down to 12!

34 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

Moses kicks through on the Eels' last but Lino tidies up. Fusitu'a is tackled by Will Smith, before the Warriors kick on the last. The Warriors give away yet another penalty and the Eels take another quick tap.

Lino and Hiku give away another penalty, the referee calls Green over to give the Warriors a warning. Next infringement will see a man in the bin. 

31 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

The Eels give possession straight back though! The Warriors go forward, before Papali'i loses the ball. Poor showing from both sides at the moment...

30 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

Here come the Warriors again, Blair is tackled by Scott before the halves go wide, but Fusitu'a can't hold on! The Eels get out of jail, before Mannering and Blair give away another penalty.

28 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

The Warriors using the ball again, Green and Lino combine on the fourth to find Beale who is tackled. Green looks for the bomb on the last, and Kata wins it to pass back to Paasi. The prop then stabs a kick through for Maumalo to chase, but Gutherson gets rid of the danger over the sideline.

Warriors have a scrum on the 10m line. Lino finds Beale on the first before being tackled, Harris has a crack but is held up on the second. Paasi goes close on the third, before Blair does the same on the fourth. Beale is tackled on the fifth, and Green puts the kick through. Michael Jennings is there for the Eels, but the Warriors will have a dropout.

24 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

Gutherson is hit by Beale as the Eels look to go forward again, Mannering and Luke hammer Manu Ma'u who spills the ball, the Warriors with another chance to add to the Eels' misery here!

22 mins: Warriors 12 Eels 2

TRY!!! Another penalty against the Eels and now it's the Warriors' turn to run! Gavet makes some good ground before going down. The Warriors go to the air and Maumalo claims it, getting the offload away to Hiku who scores out on the left wing! 

Lino with a kick from the other wing now, but he can't quite get the bend. Warriors ahead by 10.

19 mins: Warriors 8 Eels 2

The Warriors give away a penalty and the Eels take the quick tap! Terepo is flattened by Papali'i before Gerard Beale smashes Moeroa to force the knock on! Great defence from the Warriors!

16 mins: Warriors 8 Eels 2

Penalty! Alvaro gives away a penalty, and the Warriors will take a shot at goal now. Lino lines up the kick from in front, and he gets it.

14 mins: Warriors 6 Eels 2

Maumalo has a crack at the Eels line from the restart, before Green kicks for the corner on the fourth, an awkward bounce undoes Gutherson as the Eels look to go forward. 

Jennings tries to slip through, but he's knocked it on! Great defence from the Warriors, winning a restart on the 40m line.

12 mins: Warriors 6 Eels 2

TRY!!! King looks to kick from dummy half, but boots it into touch - shocker. The Warriors restart just in front of the halfway line. Hiku has his first real run from fullback before being tackled. The Warriors play the ball on the fourth, Green finds Harris, who finds Lino, who throws a cutout pass for Fusitu'a - who soars over Gutherson and scores in the corner!

The referee checks upstairs, but there's nothing wrong with this. Lino lines up the conversion from out wide, and he's nailed it! Brilliant kick as the Warriors take the lead!

8 mins: Warriors 0 Eels 2

Penalty! Lino gives away a penalty this time, Norman finds touch and the Eels will have a good crack at the Warriors here. Beau Scott is tackled just shy of the line, before Norman kicks through for French. Fusitu'a sees the ball out, but has to get a touch first. Dropout for the Eels. 

The Eels charge forward again, Gutherson tries to slice through on the third but Kata brings him down. The Warriors give away another penalty, this time it's against Blair and the Eels will take the two.

Moses lines up the shot from right in front, and smacks it straight down the middle. Eels lead by two.

4 mins: Warriors 0 Eels 0

The Eels try to go wide and attack the Warriors' right edge, but Bevan French spills the ball. Warriors scrum.

Fusitu'a runs off the back of the scrum before Gavet has a crack. Issac Luke runs on the third and Paasi on the fourth. Green finds Blair back inside on the fifth, before putting up another bomb on the last and French does brilliantly to claim it.

2 mins: Warriors 0 Eels 0

Green kicks on the fifth tackle of the first set and Gutherson takes it, before being smothered by Warriors defenders. Kata gives away a penalty for not letting Takairangi play the ball.

KICKOFF: Warriors 0 Eels 0

We're away! The Eels kick off and Paasi has the first hit up.


The Warriors are out on the turf first! Kick-off not far away!


Blake Green leads the Warriors in a huddle, he'll be the captain tonight in place of Tuivasa-Sheck.


The Warriors and the Eels both out on ANZ Stadium going through their final warm-ups. Healthy support for the Kiwi side in Sydney tonight!


In late news before kick-off, Peta Hiku switches to fullback in the absence of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, meaning Gerard Beale comes into the centres for his first Warriors start. James Gavet comes into the starting side, meaniing Bunty Afoa drops to the interchange bench.


Following a deflating loss to the Roosters in Auckland last week, the Warriors are seeking a return to winning ways against an Eels side languishing towards the lower reaches of the NRL ladder.

The Warriors will be without skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, who has stayed in New Zealand for the imminent birth of his child, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad comes into the side in his place, although it's uncertain who will play at fullback, with David Fusitu'a also an option.

Mason Lino has also proven his fitness following an injury scare last week, and will line up in the halves alongside Blake Green.

For the Eels, a lot will rely on halfback Mitchell Moses, pushing for a spot in the New South Wales State of Origin side.


Warriors: 3. Peta Hiku, 2. David Fusitu'a, 18. Gerard Beale, 4. Solomone Kata, 5. Ken Maumalo, 6. Blake Green (c), 7. Mason Lino, 16. James Gavet, 9. Issac Luke, 10. Agnatius Paasi, 11. Isaiah Papali'i, 12. Tohu Harris, 13. Adam Blair

Interchange: 8. Bunty Afoa, 14. Jazz Tevaga, 15. Chris Satae, 17. Simon Mannering.

Eels: 1. Clint Gutherson (c), 2. Bevan French, 3. Michael Jennings, 4. Brad Takairangi, 5. George Jennings, 6. Corey Norman, 7. Mitchell Moses, 8. Daniel Alvaro, 9. Cameron King, 10. Peni Terepo, 11. Beau Scott (c), 12. Tepai Moeroa, 13. Manu Ma'u

Interchange: 14. Will Smith, 15. Suaia Matagi, 16. David Gower, 17. Marata Niukore.

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