Warriors hold on for hard earned win over Raiders in Simon Mannering's 300th

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of this NRL clash between the Warriors and the Canberra Raiders from Mt Smart Auckland.

9:53pm: FULLTIME - Warriors 20 Raiders 16

The Warriors start celebrating after the referee calls for a play the ball? There'll be one last play, as the siren goes. 

The Warriors take the win in Simon Mannering's 300th!

9:52pm: 79 mins - Warriors 20 Raiders 16

The Raiders throwing everything at the Warriors in the final minutes, as Austin steal sthe ball in the tackle.

They go wide to Cotric on the left, but he's tackled on the third. They kick to the right, and Rapana beats Fusitu'a in the air, but can't hang on!

The Warriors get out of jail again.

9:45pm: 75 mins - Warriors 20 Raiders 16

Tevaga knocks on from the scrum and now the Raiders will have another chance! Williams gets his dancing shoes on and slips right through the Warriors defence to score! Or has he? The assistant says no try and we'll check with the bunker.

Possible obstruction from Guler on Afoa. No try the decision and the Warriors survive again!

9:42pm: 73 mins - Warriors 20 Raiders 16

The Raiders claim another try, and one could be a ripper! Rapana comes up with a banana kick from the wing, catching Tuivasa-Sheck out at the back. 

Austin is claiming the try, but Tuivasa-Sheck has knocked it onto his hand, which then goes forward. Try saver from the skipper!

9:38pm: 71 mins - Warriors 20 Raiders 16

Penalty! The Warriors get another penalty and point to the posts once again. Hodgson the culprit. Issac Luke has passed his concussion test.

Johnson with the kick, and he's got it! That moves the Warriors to 7th on the ladder, one point better off than the Broncos on differential.

9:33pm: 67 mins - Warriors 18 Raiders 16

Penalty! The Warriors run upfield before Lino kicks through on the last, Abbey fields it, but is taken over the dead ball line. The Warriors have a dropout in their favour now.

Paasi takes the first hit-up on the next set and makes a 35m run! Harris' turn next as the Warriors get over the 20m line, Pulu goes with the third, before Tuivasa-Sheck tries to slice through, he looks for the offload to Johnson - but he's been taken out off the ball.

Penalty to the Warriors. Tuivasa-Sheck appears to be battling an injury now.

Johnson lines up the kick, and gets it! The Warriors back in front!

9:28pm: 63 mins - Warriors 16 Raiders 16

The restart is taken short by the Warriors, but Issac Luke has stolen it! He tries to break upfield, but is taken out with a shocking high tackle from Abbey!

Luke has to leave the field for a concussion test, Johnson kicks for the sideline to restart.

9:27pm: 62 mins - Warriors 16 Raiders 16

The Raiders have a scrum right in front after a Fusitu'a knock on. Shannon Boyd runs at the line but is held up in goal.

Williams kicks through after the restart and the Raiders claim a try again, the referee says no try as we head to the Bunker.

Fusitu'a got there first to ground the ball and force a dropout.

9:23pm: 59 mins - Warriors 16 Raiders 16

Penalty! The Warriors give away back to back penalties, and this time the Raiders opt for a shot at goal. 

Williams lines it up, and again has no issue. Scores level again.

9:20pm: 56 mins - Warriors 16 Raiders 14

TRY!!! What on earth has happened here? The Raiders claim a try, after Hodgson kicks on the last. Rapana keeps the ball alive, patting it back into the Warriors' in goal.

Kata spills the ball in his own in-goal, before Whitehead dives on it to claim a try. There's nothing wrong with this, it should be given.

The Bunker says try! What a shocker from Kata! Williams has no issues with the kick, the Warriors' lead cut back to two.

9:14pm: 53 mins - Warriors 16 Raiders 8

The Raiders try to go forward through Papali'i and Rapana, but the Warriors give away a penalty on their own 40m line.

The Raiders go forward once more, before moving the ball to the left on the fourth. They kick on the last and Abbey is the only man chasing, but the ball goes dead.

9:10pm: 49 mins - Warriors 16 Raiders 8

Penalty! The Raiders give away a penalty in their own half and the Warriors want to take the points. 

Johnson lines up the shot, and he's got it!

9:06pm: 45 mins - Warriors 14 Raiders 8

TRY!!! The Raiders having to run the ball from deep, before Austin kicks on the fourth, but it goes straight to Fusitu'a - who runs to halfway.

Simon Mannering is in serious pain and leaves the field in his 300th. The Warriors move the ball on the fourth and go as far as Hiku. The Raiders wait for him to pass to Fusitu'a, but he goes himself and scores! Warriors strike first in the second half through Peta Hiku.

Mannering's injury confirmed as a sternum problem.

Johnson with the kick from the right, and he's got it! 

9:01pm: 41 mins - Warriors 8 Raiders 8

A slight injury concern to Simon Mannering coming into the second half, will we see the triple centurion again tonight? The Raiders are the first out onto the pitch, followed by the Warriors.

Mannering has taken the field after the break. Blake Austin kicks off in his final game in the NRL.

8:47pm: HALFTIME - Warriors 8 Raiders 8

The Raiders try to sneak in a quick scrum, but the siren goes to bring the first half to a close. All square after the first 40.

8:46pm: 39 mins - Warriors 8 Raiders 8

The Raiders finishing the second half strong, as Lino is smashed by Leilua. Time off as Lino struggles to get back up after that hit.

Leilua quick to check that he's ok, and he's back on his feet. Raiders to restart with less than a minute in the first half.

8:39pm: 36 mins - Warriors 8 Raiders 8

Penalty! The Warriors give away another penalty, this time the Raiders want the points though.

Williams line up the kick, and he's got it. Scores level.

8:37pm: 33 mins - Warriors 8 Raiders 6

Warriors scrum, and Hiku takes the first tackle off the back. The Raiders give away another penalty for not allowing the play-the-ball.

The Warriors go wide from the restart, but Hiku spills the ball. Cotric makes a surge down the left, before Leilua runs out to the right, but Kata gives away a penalty.

8:35pm: 31 mins - Warriors 8 Raiders 6

Leilua takes Luke high and the Warriors have a penalty. Tevaga takes the first hit up from the resulting set, before offloading to Luke.

Luke finds Paasi with a short ball on the third, before Johnson tries to dance through. Lino takes the fourth, finding Mannering. Luke and Tevaga don't know what to do on the last, before Luke kicks through. Abbey fumbles the ball though and the Warriors will have another set.

8:31pm: 28 mins - Warriors 8 Raiders 6

TRY!!! What. A. TRY!!! Mannering makes a brilliant run up the middle, before the Warriors go right inside the Raiders' half.

Hiku charges at the line, before finding Fusitu'a with an epic offload out the back, and the winger doens't miss them from there!

The Warriors hit the lead for the first time. Johnson with the kick, but he hits it just wide of the right post.

8:26pm: 23 mins - Warriors 4 Raiders 6

TRY!!! The Raiders are penalised for not playing the ball correctly, and the Warriors will have restart in the opposition half.

Paasi runs the second and makes good ground. Tuivasa-Sheck plays the ball quickly and finds Kata - and he scores!!!

Or has he? The referee wants to check with the bunker, possible call for obstruction against Blair on Leilua, but this would be a very harsh call against the Warriors. The bunker sides with the home team, try confrimed.

Johnson with the kick from wide on the left, but he hits the upright! Raiders lead by two.

8:22pm: 20 mins - Warriors 0 Raiders 6

Warriors scrum in their own half. Afoa takes a huge hit on the third, before Johnson looks to slice through on the fourth, he's tacked.

Lino kicks on the last but Abbey is there to take it.

8:19pm: 17 mins - Warriors 0 Raiders 6

Maumalo wins a penalty against Lui and Johnson finds touch to force the restart. Afoa reaches the 20m line on the second tackle, before Tuivasa-Sheck finds Blair. Tuivasa-Sheck takes the fourth tackle. 

Johnson kicks on the last, but Maumalo can't stay in - not his fault though, shocking kick from his halfback.

8:16pm: 14 mins - Warriors 0 Raiders 6

TRY!!! Williams kicks a 40-20! The Raiders with a great chance here with a scrum on the 10m line. Austin feeds and Cotric tries to step through, before Lui works the ball forward.

Papali'i takes a short ball on the third and he scores! The Raiders break the deadlock.

Williams with the kick, and he belts the ball through the uprights.

8:12pm: 11 mins - Warriors 0 Raiders 0

Maumalo nearly breaks the Raiders' line, but Josh Papali'i makes a try saving tackle! Maumalo spliis the ball as a result. Raiders scrum.

The Raiders go upfield on the next set, before Williams kicks on the last, but again Tuivasa-Sheck is safe under the high ball.

8:09pm: 8 mins - Warriors 0 Raiders 0

The Raiders reach the 10m line on the last, and Leilua kicks through for Rapana, but the ball has too much on it. Warriors have the restart.

Lino kicks on the third for the Warriors, catching the Raiders out at the back. Tuivasa-Sheck chases, but Abbey pats the ball out for a dropout.

8:07pm: 5 mins - Warriors 0 Raiders 0

Johnson kicks on the last, aiming for Fusitu'a out on the wing. Cotric gets there first, but spills the ball! Warriors scrum from the 10m line.

Lino feeds, and finds Johnson from the scrum. Fusitu'a takes the first tackle, Afoa the second. Huge cheer as Mannering takes the third tackle. Paasi takes the fourth, but Shannon Boyd is able to force a turnover! The Raiders win a penalty after Bunty Afoa doesn't allow the play-the-ball.

8:04pm: 2 mins - Warriors 0 Raiders 0

Who else but Mannering to make the first tackle! Shannon Boyd is clobbered by the triple centurion from the first hit up.

The Raiders work the ball upfield before Austin kicks on the last, Tuivasa-Sheck nearly loses his footing taking the ball.

8:02pm: KICKOFF - Warriors 0 Raiders 0

Shaun Johnson kicks off and we're away at Mt Smart!


The Raiders are the first team out of the tunnel, before the lights go down. The Warriors are led out by Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, quickly forming a guard of honour for Simon Mannering.

Mt Smart are on their feet to congratulate a true legend of New Zealand sport.


The Warriors and the Raiders both back in the sheds going through their final preparations before kick off.


A slight drizzle over Mt Smart, we'll have to wait to see how the weather will play a part tonight.


Good evening, a special night is on the cards at Mt Smart. We're in for a full house to honour the man of the moment Simon Mannering.

It's probably worth noting that Mannering was five minutes late to the Warriors' team meeting this evening, delayed by the number of selfies taken with fans.


With the Warriors' place in this year's NRL finals now guaranteed, tonight is all about one man - Simon Mannering.

The Warriors stalwart will tonight become the first player in the club's history to notch 300 games, with Mt Smart Stadium sold out to mark the occasion.

Tonight's opponents, the Raiders, sit 10th on the ladder, with no chance to make the finals, and only playing for pride.

The Warriors will be looking to notch as big a win as possible, hoping to guarantee a home game in the finals series.


Warriors: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (c), 2. David Fustiu'a, 3. Peta Hiku, 4. Solomone Kata, 5. Ken Maumalo, 6. Mason Lino, 7. Shaun Johnson, 16. Bunty Afoa, 9. Issac Luke, 10. Agnatius Paasi, 11. Adam Blair, 12. Tohu Harris, 13. Simon Mannering.

Interchange: 14. Jazz Tevaga, 15. Isaiah Papali'i, 17. Gerard Beale, 18. Leivaha Pulu.

Raiders: 1. Brad Abbey, 2. Nick Cotric, 3. Michael Oldfield, 4. Joseph Leilua, 5. Jordan Rapana, 6. Blake Austin, 7. Sam Williams, 8. Dunamis Lui, 9. Josh Hodgson, 10. Shannon Boyd, 11. Iosia Soliola, 12. Elliott Whitehead, 13. Josh Papali'i.

Interchange: 14. Emre Guler, 15. Junior Paulo, 16. Siliva Havili, 17. Luke Bateman.

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