Warriors' Hilda Mariu set to become first NRL star to play with moko kauae

The Warriors women's team is continuing their build up towards their first match in the inaugural premiership where they’ll also celebrate another first in the sport.

Second rower Hilda Mariu will become the first professional female athlete to adorn a moko kauae or traditional Māori chin tattoo.

The 35-year-old received the gift back home in Te Kao, Northland over the weekend.

Mariu's new look is being embraced by the team and her wife Laura – who is also playing in the team.

"It was very special moment for us," Laura said.

"I don’t know much about moko kauae but it’s an expression of her culture and who she is as a person and a strong Māori woman.

"She looks beautiful, absolutely beautiful."

The Warriors' first game is set for September 8 with the premiership running alongside the NRL Finals series.

It's a big moment in the Mariu family, with Hilda's partner Laura also named to captain the women's Warriors team. Source: Te Karere