Warriors fans tired of 'same promises every year' – Kiwi great's reaction to CEO's message

Former Kiwis coach Sir Graham Lowe believes Warriors fans will see through the club's pre-season documentary series.

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Cameron George's behind the scenes rant shouldn't please fans, says Sir Graham Lowe. Source: 1 NEWS

As club CEO Cameron George captured attention with an impassioned speech to the players in the web series 'All In', the Warriors' new series has been greeted with mixed reactions, some sceptical, some welcoming of the fly-on-the-wall production.

However, Sir Graham Lowe says that fans will take more convincing than a short clip of George riling up the players, adding only results will restore pride to a club boasting just one NRL finals appearance in the last eight years.

"I think the fans will find it quite amusing," he told 1 NEWS.

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"The thing about the Warriors fans [is], they're a very knowledgeable bunch. I'd say the majority of them, know the game better than the fans in most other sports - even in the NRL in Australia. The Warriors' fans know their game.

"You can't put on a show and think that's going to impress them, because it won't.

"The fans will only be impressed by one thing, and that's what happens out on the field.

"The fans are thoroughly worn out by the same promises every year."