Warriors coming to aid of players’ families as team plays on in Australia

With the Warriors looking to tough it out in Australia for the rest of the NRL season, the club has gone out of its way to help the family they've left behind.

The harsh reality for all NRL clubs is no play means no pay, with the difference for the Warriors is wives, partners and children are stuck in New Zealand.

Club boss Cameron George is adamant the entire squad has brought in to being relocated though their families were a major consideration in the decision-making process.

“The entire squad's locked in, ready to go,” he said.

“That weighed heavily on the players and we had to have another discussion last night and again this morning.”

One way the Warriors are helping is by taking care of dinner each night, teaming up with Jess' Underground Kitchen. With supermarkets jammed, meals are delivered.

“There's chicken pot pie, there's a chicken lasagne, there's a slow-cooked lamb shank tagine, it's all freshly made today and delicious,” founder Jess Daniell said.

Families of every Warriors player, coach and trainer are on the list.

Sarah Green, the wife of Warriors halfback Blake, moved here from Australia in 2018 and says the support of the club and community is special.

“Just the general support that every Kiwi has given me, like you know in the street, in my community at the school it just shows,” she said.

Six-year-old Boston is also helping hold the fort as the man of the house.

“I was a bit worried when Dad's not here but I'm trying to help all the girls,” he said.