Warriors coach says team 'got what we deserved' with season-ending Sharks loss

Departing interim coach Todd Payten says players only have themselves to blame for last night's defeat to the Sharks.

Jazz Tevaga. Source: Photosport

The 22-14 loss ends any hope of the Warriors making a fairytale run into the NRL play-offs this season.

An ill-disciplined performance was the team's undoing, according to Payten, who has two games left in charge.

"We gave away a really silly penalty for hand on the face. We gave a penalty away for the same infringement last weekend, so to do that two weeks in a row is really disappointing.

"We didn't start well again. They didn't have to work hard for anything in that first 15-20 minutes coming out of their own end.

"To our credit, like we have done for many weeks now, we found a way and put ourselves back in the contest. But I thought we probably got what we deserved in the end," said Payten.

The Sharks' win completes the competition's top eight sides who will go into the play-offs.

Victory for the Warriors would have kept their slim chances alive ahead of their last two games against the Raiders and Sea Eagles.

Despite nearly pulling off the unthinkable at the start of this Covid-19 impacted season, which saw players leave family to relocate in Australia, Payten says he's proud of what the club has achieved.

"I feel like we've become a team over the past eight weeks and it has showed in the way we've played," the soon-to-be Cowboys coach said.

"It's not just me - all our staff have done their job. The players lived up to their end of the bargain and we're getting performances which we should be proud of as a club.

"We have a couple of weeks left where we have to make sure that we don't do away with the good work that we've done up until now," he added.