Warrior says appointing Craig Fitzgibbon as coach would be a 'good move'

Warriors forward Lachlan Burr says appoiting Craig Fitzgibbon as the new Warriors head coach would be a 'good move'.

The 27-year-old said that Fitzgibbon's experience with the Roosters is hard to look past.  

"Craig Fitzgibbon with his history, it sounds like he is good for the job," Burr said.

"His record speaks for itself."

"If they're looking at him, it's probably a good move," he added.

Although Burr is supportive of Fitzgibbon taking the reins, he said that he would like to see interim head coach, Todd Payten, given a fair shot a the head coach position. 

"I think it's good they're giving Toddy a go," he said.

"The way hes been handling the last two weeks, hes been handling it quite well so I think they definitely shouldn't put him out of the picture, so give him a bit of a chance."