Tigers star Josh Reynolds’ domestic violence case allegedly involves multiple aliases, fake pregnancies

Wests Tigers NRL star Josh Reynolds wants to use allegations that his former partner had multiple aliases and faked pregnancies as he fights assault charges.

Reynolds was charged by police with assault after Arabella del Busso alleged Reynolds grabbed her arm during an alleged outburst late last year.

He entered a not guilty plea in December.

Ms del Busso was just one of nine aliases for Donna Preusker, a Nine News investigation revealed.

Under the name Bella Donna di Donato, Ms del Busso had a medical certificate from a doctor in 2013 stating she had brain cancer, Reynolds' legal team will allege.

"[I] gave her about two and a half, three thousand for her treatment towards her treatment... She didn't have a job, so I was supporting her so probably about $6000 or $7000," one former boyfriend told Nine News.

Tomorrow, Reynolds will appear in court to apply for an expedited hearing.

He will also seek to rely upon evidence from six ex-boyfriends and medical documents to defend the allegations.

Reynolds will claim he met his former partner on social media in late 2018 and saw her once.

She contacted him three months later to say she was pregnant with twins before telling him she lost the twins, he alleges, adding that she then claimed to fall pregnant with twins once more.

He went public with his anguish after she then told him she lost those twins as well.

Ms Preusker allegedly told Reynolds she fell pregnant again.

The defence team will allege that medical records show she was never pregnant.

Reynolds will also claim that he gave her more than $4000 for a funeral after she told him her mother had died.

Donna Preusker's mother Isobel Preusker and step father Matt Furlong told Nine News there have been repeated allegations.

"There's been Bella Donna... Bella Melbourne. There's also been Donna Barcelona... What's been happening is just devastating to a lot of people...She needs to be stopped," Ms Preusker’s mother said.