Storm coach Craig Bellamy flips out in coaches box with chair kick after last minute Panthers try

Although the Storm ultimately came away with the NRL title last night, it wasn't all smooth sailing for coach Craig Bellamy who added yet another moment to his highlight reel of coach box blowups.

Despite leading comfortably for most of the game, things nearly unravelled for the Storm when they were forced to field just 11 players in the final moments of the match.

The Panthers capitalised on the mismatch, with Nathan Cleary scoring with just under a minute left on the clock, gifting a slim chance to snatch the victory away with one more play.

A visibly irate Bellamy marched to the back of the coaches box and kicked an unoccupied chair into the wall startling the others in the coaches box.

All was forgotten however with the Storm on the winning end of a 26-20 scoreline as the fulltime siren sounded, making the 61-year-old Bellamy the oldest coach to ever win an NRL grand final.